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Biden wins but …

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is very important in American electoral politics. Since 1845, American elections have always been held on the first Tuesday in November.

This has been going on since the time when American citizens from far and wide used to come to vote on horses, preparing on Saturdays and Sundays, praying, traveling on Mondays, and voting on Tuesdays. Get back in business.

Since this time the contest is between US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, I have a few things to say about Joe Biden, in addition to things related to Republican candidate Donald Trump.

There is no doubt that Donald Trump, who grew up in the Queens area of ​​New York, is a successful businessman. He entered politics at the end of the 19th century, was sometimes in the Democratic Party, sometimes moved to Freedom and then became a Republican.

Political positions fell short of his share. In November 2016, he became the Republican presidential candidate, defeating Hillary Clinton, the most important woman in American political history. At the time, all polls were beating Trump, but he won.

There were a few reasons for this. No doubt Hillary was more experienced in politics than Trump, but she was a woman. The majority of Americans don’t want a woman to be their president. Except for a few big cities, all Americans are like our villagers.

Hillary was killed in self-confidence, even American women did not vote for her because she could not handle her husband, what will she handle us. Hillary’s team failed to understand the science of Electoral College.

In contrast, Trump focused on neglected states, campaigning there, recruiting ordinary American villagers, promising to open closed industries, and then focusing on the science of the Electoral College on a scientific basis. Trump took the field, but he was backed by another thing at the time, the record of Hillary’s emails, which was leaked by the FBI, but this time Trump is in trouble, he was given a very tough time by Biden, half Voters have voted by postal ballot, in which Biden has left Trump far behind. Trump is worried because the states that influence the US election have slipped out of his hands.

Of those five states, Trump won four in the last election, but now none of Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin are supporting Trump.

Hunter Biden, the son of Joseph Biden, was accused of corruption by Trump during the election campaign, but this time it was just allegations because the FBI did not provide evidence, perhaps the Pentagon’s intention.

Considering Trump’s possible defeat in today’s election, we need to compare the two presidential candidates.

I have written a few things about Trump and I am writing a few more things that will make him realize his failure. For example, when he came, he tried to adopt strict policies for foreigners, especially the Muslim world, but he failed. He strengthened the American economy, gave jobs, but then he was hit by a corona, Trump looked helpless in the corona season.

Biden showed more responsibility during Corona than Trump, he continued his campaign vigorously, he proved to Americans in difficult situations that he is a responsible man.

Of course, this includes the experiences of the difficulties of the early journey of Joseph Biden’s life, then also the political experience.

Biden, 77, became the youngest senator to serve as vice president of the United States for eight years. His wife and daughter were killed in an accident on the spot. Biden then traveled by train between Deloitte and Washington every day for 36 years to raise his two sons. Ladies and gentlemen! Today, Biden will win, but Trump will not accept this election and this will start riots in American cities.


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