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US: What if the presidential election results are controversial?

More time is needed for the full results of the US presidential election, but US President Donald Trump has already announced his victory over Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

According to foreign news agency Reuters, the Democratic Party had expressed concern a few weeks ago that Trump would spare no effort to make the election results controversial.

After which the presidency can be determined only through the courts, politicians and the Congress.


Democrats feared that Donald Trump would announce victory in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin before the vote count was completed.

Nearby election results could lead to litigation in states over voting and ballot counting procedures.

Petitions filed by individual states will eventually reach the US Supreme Court.

As in the Florida election of 2000.

The High Court dismissed the Florida recount petition, and Republican George W. Bush defeated Democrat Al Gore by just 537 votes.

Before the presidential election, Trump has appointed Amy Koi Barrett as Justice of the Supreme Court.

If the political parties go to court, it is possible that the US President will get a little concession.

Trump has said that “we want the law to be used properly or we will go to the Supreme Court.”

Electoral College

Governors usually confirm the results in their respective states and share information with Congress.

But some academics have outlined a scenario in which the governor and the legislature presented two different results, with little difference between the parties’ election results.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina have Democratic governors, while Republicans control the legislature.

If there is a dispute between the governor and the legislature, the parties will approach the Supreme Court to resolve the dispute.

Both Biden and Trump claim victory

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has claimed a major victory in the presidential election and accused the Democrats of trying to steal the election after his rival Joe Biden claimed victory.

“We are moving towards a big victory but they are trying to steal the election, we will not let them do that,” Donald Trump tweeted after Biden claimed victory for his supporters. Yes, you can’t vote after the polls are over.

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Claiming action against misinformation, Twitter immediately removed Trump’s tweet accusing him of rigging the election.

US President Donald Trump has long accused without evidence that mail-in ballots are a way to deceive the public in elections.


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