Funny Ways To Answer The Phone

Funny Ways To Answer The Phone For today’s list, I’m sharing answers to the phone in a funny way. Sometimes, simply saying “hi” is not enough to answer the phone. When a friend or family member calls, we don’t generally expect our


How To Shop For a Bike Online

It may seem counterintuitive to shop for a bicycle online, but in actuality, it’s a great way to choose and purchase your new bike. Online stores have more options than most brick-and-mortar retailers. They also have various ways of taking your measurements

Mulching vs Bagging: What’s Best For Your Lawn?

Did you know that the average American spends 62 hours a year performing lawn and garden care? Chief among the tasks that make up this category is lawn mowing. Lawn mowing seems straightforward enough until you ask the age-old debate: is it

Did the Pandemic Harm or Help Charitable Donations Worldwide?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disheveled our daily lives, impacted communities, and toppled global economies unprecedentedly. Every corner of society remains poorly affected. The global health turmoil has hit the nonprofit sector hard. As the economies had come to a standstill during the

How to Have a Good Command on Binomial Theory?

With increasing power, expansions become lengthy and complex to calculate. If you have been finding this concept difficult, you are at the right place! However, with the Binomial Theorem, it is easy to calculate a binomial expression raised to an immense power.

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