How old do you have to be to buy lighters

How old do you have to be to buy lighters? Smoking has become a norm now even though, it is the most disastrous thing that the human body can experience. Yet, children including both boys and girls start smoking from a very

6 Ways To Help Others Improve Their Mental Health

 We are fortunate to be living during a time where we people are becoming aware of the importance of emotional well-being. Yet its is safe to say that there is still some stigma surrounding the whole concept. Even now, people suffer in

6 Dangers of Binge Eating That You Need to Know

Binge eating is a common term for people who eat unusually large amounts of food in a short period. When most people think about this, they imagine someone stuffing their face with as much fast food as possible and then feeling sick

What Is Addiction and Substance Abuse?

There is a very small distinction between substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse is defined as the use of an illegal substance or the misuse of a legal substance. Abuse, or the use of a material like marijuana or cocaine, is the

6 Simple Ways To Save A Life

What do you do when you see a person collapse or lying unconscious or unresponsive on the ground? Call 911? What if they fail to reach on time? Do you feel helpless and disappointed in yourself? Such scenarios occur day-in and day-out

Ways Cardiopulmonary Experts Can Hone Their Skills

Cardiopulmonary is a life-saving medical service that provides emergency services and necessary cardiological treatment. Cardiopulmonary experts are people who have a great understanding of how the heart and lungs work. There is no shortage of ways to improve your skills in a

How to Improve Blood Circulation Easily?

How can I improve my blood circulation easily? There are a lot many people who tend to find the answer to their query. However, the one and the important thought is about blood flow. Yes, people with improper blood flow are more

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