10 Tips To Raising Awareness of Addiction


The National Survey on Drug Usage and Health (NSDUH) study showed that almost 14.4 million Americans above 18 years have an alcohol use disorder. These statics show how a large population is affected by addiction. Addiction is dangerous, and therefore, the government and society need to reach people and warn them of its dangers.

Best Ways To Raise Addiction Awareness

Take part In Recovery Month

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration chose September as the recovery month. Their main aim is to raise awareness of addiction and educate society on the effects of using substances.

Learn About Addiction

Getting knowledge about addiction is one of the best ways to help fight against the vice. Ensure you know the signs and symptoms of addiction and how to prevent relapse. You can use that knowledge when doing anti-addiction campaigns. You can also engage addicts and learn what they go through and the help they require.

Being a Professional

If you have a passion for helping people get out of addiction, you can turn that into a profession. You can become a counselor, doctor, or any other related profession. This way, you will earn and still pursue your passion.

Make Donations

You can make your donations to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence or any other organization near you. Those funds help to fund campaigns on addiction awareness. Most organizations are non-profit-making bodies that solely depend on donations.

Educate Others

It is essential to share with others information about addiction. Most people still believe in myths surrounding the habit, and that is why it is necessary to reduce misconceptions. It is rare to see addicts come looking for information, but you can go to them and spread the news.

Join Campus Awareness Events

Most addicts started taking drugs and alcohol while in college due to peer pressure. Others thought that taking drugs was a way of having fun until they couldn’t live without them. So, it is important to emphasize drug awareness on campuses to save youths.

Use Social Media

There are various social media platforms you can use to raise addiction awareness. Facebook is a commonly used platform by various age groups. You can share posts on your account or open a page for that purpose. You can also contribute to other people’s posts to reach more people.

Volunteer in the Community

Many addicts in the community are suffering in silence. Find out how your neighbors are, and maybe one of them can open up to you. You can also join community activities and request a chance to address the addiction issue. If a person requests help, refer them to a reputable Rehab in Houston. Read more and learn about the treatment options available in the rehab.

Share Your Story

If you were once an addict, you could share the story if you feel comfortable. This will encourage a person who is suffering from addiction since they will believe in recovery. You can share your struggles and success story on social media or during events. Remember to always remind people to seek professional treatment to avoid chances of relapse.

Reports on Drug Peddlers

Drug sellers have been the major hindrance in the fight against addiction. Society should work with the authorities to stop their illegal businesses. Most drug cartels are powerful people. Thus, it is essential to report them to the police instead of confronting them.

Anybody can play a vital role in raising addiction awareness. Maybe some addicts would not be addicted if they got someone to warn them. It is important to take any available opportunity and save people from the dangers of addiction.

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