5 Keanu Reeves movies you should watch

Honestly, who does not love Keanu Reeves? 

He is probably the most loved man on the internet. He also happens to be very down-to-Earth and polite, which is probably why everyone loves him so much. Not only is his personality amazing but also so are his movies. He has starred in movies that have gone on to become cult classics. The best part is, you can watch his movies online if you have a good internet connection and a good TV package too. A couple of amazing offers are given in Xfinity TV packages that might help you get what you are looking for with a plethora of channels to watch and endless content to stream. Here are some Keanu movies that should definitely be on your list to watch.

The Matrix Trilogy

One of the cult classics, this is one of Keanu’s most famous movies because of its out-of-the-box storyline. The movie revolves around the idea that this world is not real and that we are actually living in a simulation. Keanu’s role is of a hacker who has named himself “Neo”. A man named Morpheus who gives him two options in the form of two pills, a red one and a blue one approaches him. The red pill gives him the option to reveal the truth about the Matrix and a blue one to make him forget about his interaction with Morpheus and go back to his former life. Neo decides to take the red pill and find out the truth about the Matrix and how it works. The Matrix is one of Keanu’s most famous movies and it was really loved by the audience. Especially the visual effects and CGI that introduced for the first time hit the screens with a big move. 

John Wick

One of Keanu’s most iconic movies. John Wick is about a highly trained assassin named John Wick who has quite a reputation in the criminal underworld. However, John retires as soon as he gets married and his wife passes away after being sick. John is forced back into the underworld when a mafia boss’ son murders his dog, which was the last gift from his late wife, only because John refuses to sell his Mustang to him. In vengeance, John turns back to his ways as an assassin and hunts down the mafia’s son. The movie has very realistic action and Keanu does justice to the character really well. The movie has an amazing and satisfying sense of action with some very iconic scenes such as the scene at “The Red Circle”. John Wick comes in a trilogy and each part is better than the other is. The movie has you on the edge of your seat through the entirety of it and it keeps you asking for more. John Wick is definitely one of Keanu’s best of all time. In the trilogy, we see John go head-to-head with a series of major criminals and he gets involved so much that he gets a bounty on himself of 14 million dollars for breaking rules against the underground called “The Continental”. The next installment, John Wick 4, is supposed to come out next year in 2023. 


Speed is also one of Keanu’s most recognized movies. In the movie, Keanu plays the role of an LAPD SWAT officer Jack Tavern who is working to find a man who is planting bombs and trying to kill people. The man eventually gets his hands on a mass-transit bus and plants a bomb in it. The trigger for the bomb is that if the bus reaches 50 miles per hour, the bomb will activate, and if the speed falls below 50 miles per hour, the bomb will detonate. This is where the movie gets its name because the bus needs to maintain its speed otherwise the bomb would detonate. Jack eventually manages to save everyone and also works successfully to make sure that the bomb does not go off. 

The Devil’s Advocate 

Another one of Keanu’s best movies, in the Devil’s Advocate Keanu plays the role of an advocate, Kevin Lomax, who has never lost a case. He is assigned a case in which he has to defend someone who has committed a heinous crime but Keanu ends up getting him a “not guilty” verdict. He is then assigned a case to a man named John Milton who is actually the Devil in disguise, trying to teach Kevin a lesson and the movie also addresses the frequently wondered question is defending a criminal as a lawyer really an ethical job? What makes the movie even better is the fact that the Devil is played by Al Pacino, who himself is a brilliant actor. Keanu and Al Pacino are both very versatile actors and that is exactly what makes this movie brilliant. The best part is that you can stream these movies online using a good internet connection such as Xfinity.

In Conclusion 

Keanu is one of Hollywood’s finest actors. Not only is he brilliant as an actor but he is also wonderful as a person too. When not working, he is seen indulging himself in philanthropy and charity work. The world needs more people and actors like Keanu Reeves. Speed also starts Sandra Bullock. A story that has recently gone around was that both Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock had crushes on one another during the shooting of the movie. Yet neither of them could muster the courage to ask the other one out! Interesting, isn’t it? You can catch Speed by downloading it from the pirate bay.

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