7 Genius Ways To Improve Your Social Media game

Social Media game
Social Media game

Everyone knows that social media is essential to running a modern business. So, having that edge over the competition is crucial to standing out and getting your brand to those who connect with it. The challenge is, social media can be a ton of work. Many companies out there know how difficult it can be to churn out relevant, engaging content constantly. Fortunately, you can hire a content subscription service that will take care of brainstorming and writing for you, easing your workload, and growing your business. Here are seven ways to up your social media game and expand your business.

1. Schedule Your Posts

You can use free social media schedulers online to post in bulk, saving you the time and hassle of interrupting your week and posting to multiple accounts from your phone. With a desktop scheduler, you can post across all platforms with a few clicks. Many of the schedulers also offer great features like popular hashtags and pre-saved captions to make scheduling even quicker.

2. Hire Help

An excellent content company can write blog posts, social media captions, and whatever else you need to engage your audience. These experts can work with you on matching or developing your brand’s voice, so you never have to worry about inconsistency in your messaging. By hiring help, you can focus on the aspects of your business that you are best at while knowing this piece of the puzzle is covered.

3. Follow the Trends

If you struggle with what to post about, paying attention to social media trends is an easy way to increase your output. Search explore pages for content that people are engaging with and create personalized versions for your own pages. Many external tools like Google Trends and Tweet Deck can help you efficiently search for what’s trending.

4. Use Hashtags

When people search for new accounts and topics they are interested in, they often search for relevant hashtags. By using hashtags in your descriptions or comments, you make sure consumers can find your content when it counts. Makes sure you search online for platform-specific guidelines, as there is often an official or unofficial limit to hashtag use.

5. Focus on Video

Video has become extremely popular on outlets like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook. These bite-sized videos can be an excellent opportunity for you to show some personality and connect with viewers on a deeper level. Videos describing and showing off your products can be a great way to generate more sales, as well.

6. Shorten Your Content

Since media consumption has changed dramatically over the past decade, consumers’ attention spans have gotten shorter. Bite-sized content is easily consumable and can ensure you get your message across before anyone tunes out. Challenge yourself to create content that is 15 seconds or less, and you may see an uptick in followers and engagement.

7. Watch Your Engagement

Many social media platforms have analytics built-in, but you can use third-party services to gather even more information. When you pay attention to the type of content people are engaging with, you can focus on creating more of it. This will also give you insight into products and topics that your followers are interested in. Analytics can be invaluable to growing your business and knowing the next steps to take.

By making some tweaks to your social media plan, you can push algorithms in your favor and connect more deeply with your audience. Hiring help and using third-party tools can take your content to a new level. Consider setting some time aside each week to plan ahead, and social media will start to feel less like a headache and more like a helper.

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