Huawei P8 lite

Display                       5.0 inches                                     1280 × 720 pixels Camera                      13 MP (Single Camera)                                     5 MP front Hardware                                     HI Silicon Kirin                                     2GB RAM Storage                       16GB, microSDHC Battery                       2000mAh OS                               Android 6.0 Marshmallow                        

How to Start Your Product Branding Effectively

Product branding is one of the main aspects of business and its development. Any businessman stepping into the business market keeps a thought of having his brand. If your thoughts are similar too, consider this the high time when you must start

Nick Grimshaw niece: Who is Liv Grimshaw?

At the end of the last episode, NICK GRIMSHAW is joined by niece Liv, but who is the BBC Radio 1 host’s niece?On our screens Nick Grimshaw and Niece Liv became a familiar couple as they sit together every week for the