Nick Grimshaw niece: Who is Liv Grimshaw?

Nick Grimshaw
Nick Grimshaw

At the end of the last episode, NICK GRIMSHAW is joined by niece Liv, but who is the BBC Radio 1 host’s niece?
On our screens Nick Grimshaw and Niece Liv became a familiar couple as they sit together every week for the film Celebrity Gogglebox. Although Nick is known for BBC Radio 1, what is his niece Liv? What is known about him?
Who is Grimshaw?
Liv has been identified as a product assistant for the Pretty Little Thing online fashion brand.
In her Instagram feed, Liv regularly features her uncle, with 15,000 followers.
Last month Liv went to Instagram and posted a snap with Nick and her as they filmed for this weekly show.

The niece of the Radio DJ posted an image on both sides of the house as he filmed the show in compliance with the rules of social distance.
“I’d been very fun shooting the @c4gogglebox episode with @nicholasgrimshaw (from a safe distance) tonight. Liv captioned the tweet.
“Thank all the crew who made the set secure and all the directions followed so that we can see plenty of good telephone still and have plenty of great snacks.”
Nick also took a video from his side of the living room to his Instagram to share with the couple.
Nick seeks to get to Liv, he says: “The glove box is socially remote.”
He then added: “Tonight @c4gogglebox is back on the tellyyy.
“This time we took a little different from one another while shoting on location at a house that was used for shooting.
“Sadly I don’t feel relaxed at home, but so glad we got to do it at all in this tough time with @livjgrimshaw.
“Thanks to the crew of Gogglebox to make it safe for us. Hope you enjoy the show!
Nick has opened his friendship with his niece Liv before to The Sunday Times paper.
Nick says, “We are in contact every day. I’m sure when we were younger, there were repercussions, but we’d have shows the next minute.
“Now we have more time together to relax, a manipulator or a nosy around TK Maxx.

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“Our relationship is definitely more like siblings than uncle and niece.
“In some ways, I look up to her, even though she’s so small — I actually call her Trollie. She’s got this inner cool.
“She’s not a people pleaser like I am. Liv’s OK with being herself, and that’s something we should all try to be.”
Nick Grimshaw niece: Does Nick Grimshaw live with his niece?
With the return of Celebrities GoggleBox, NICK GRIMSHAW and niece Liv return to our screens, but are they living together?
Nick Grimshaw and Niece Liv are back on our screens after popular appearance last year with the return of the Celebrity Gogglebox series on Channel 4. This pair is part of a star cast with Zoe Ball, Joe Swash and Stacey Soloman. But do Liv live with Nick?
In filming the new series Celebrity Gogglebox Nick Grimshaw and Niece Liv do not live together but are socially distanced.
Nick announced that he would return with Niece Liv in May for the next season.
“Very excited to announce that we’re back for another Gogglebox season,” Nick said in a post to his Instagram.
He added: ‘I can’t wait for me and @livjgrimshaw to be back in your living rooms on the sofa.’

Under constraints of lockdowns, many questioned whether the pair lived together when they filmed the show.
Nick explained the misunderstanding in a post to his Instagram and showed how the couple filmed.
Nick leaned towards Liv as they stood at a distance of two metres in his video on his Instagram.

Nick bends as if to contact Liv, saying: “Gogglebox, socially remote.”
“Tonight @c4gogglebox is back on tellyyy…. He underlines the post.
“This time we took a little different from one another while shoting on location at a house that was used for shooting.
“Sadly I don’t feel relaxed at home, but so glad we got to do it at all in this tough time with @livjgrimshaw.
“Thanks to the crew of GoggleBox for ensuring our safety. Hope you’re going to enjoy the concert! On@channel4 tonight at 9pm.”
The show had to go along with fresh directions for filming as it returned to our screens during the lockout.
A celebrity spokesman for Gogglebox spoke to the about the exhibition that guarantees security during lock-down filming.
“All the people involved in the shooting of Celebrity Gogglebox meet industry standards in a safe way.
‘I am extremely proud of Channel 4’s commitment to navigate audiences, especially young and difficult to access viewers, through the covide crisis in the last couple of months alongside our production partners.

‘It will be important to secure the unlocking of the television production industry to continue to ensure that we can both continue to serve the viewers and contribute to support the subsistence of people in the industry, and I am glad we were able to collaborate with other DCMS and PACT broadcasters to establish this creative new context.’
Nick and Liv, however, are not the only celebrity Gogglebox links to distance themselves on the show socially.
KSI, which appears in social distancing alongside friend S-X on the show.

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