Choosing the Best NBN Provider For You


Are you looking for fast and inexpensive broadband? If you choose the best NBN provider, should you go with the one with excellent performance and respectable customer satisfaction? Experts say that a good provider offers reliable speed connections in homes, among others, and that users are happy with that kind of speed they’re having at home. That said, how would you know if the provider you have in mind is the best for you?

Well, let’s try to listen to what the experts have to say. For sure, their opinions will help you a lot in deciding which NBN provider to choose – one from which you can purchase a plan which suits your needs and finances.

What the Surveys Show

According to the latest survey in August of 2021, Aussie Broadband topped the list as the first among the rest in terms of average speed and overall satisfaction, beating Exetel, Telstra and TPG. And again, Aussie broadband telco is still at the top when it comes to speed, although the No. 1 spot was taken by those telco giants mentioned earlier. In customer satisfaction, Aussie Broadband has the most number of satisfied customers ahead of Belong as reported.

On the other hand, another reputable site also came up with its results from a satisfaction survey done in 2021 wherein Mate emerged at the top spot for the overall customer satisfaction category among other categories, while SpinTel bagged the second place.

Still, from the most recent survey in September of 2021, SpinTel came out as the overall winner, besting twelve more other popular NBN providers.

With all these data, indeed, picking the best among the rest can seem a bit daunting as there are more than a hundred telecommunication companies out there that have equally reputable backgrounds and track records. They may come in different sizes, but don’t be deceived because “smaller” NBN providers offer amazing services. They’re highly competitive and are daring to compete as well.

Does the Provider Really Count When it Comes to NBN?

As they say, no two NBN providers are alike since there will always be differences no matter what. For instance, if you search for a particular NBN plan, do you consider what perks and bundles come with it? This is where providers differ. Some will come with tremendous perks, but at prices you can hardly afford. Others may offer the simplest perk, but you’d just be content with the right speed you need for your use and the affordable cost that comes with it.

On the other hand, bigger and smaller companies differ in their operations, which could probably explain why smaller companies offer few perks with modestly-priced plans. With bigger companies they have all the resources to provide big-time perks, higher bandwidth and, of course, more expensive plans. But just the same, all of them are out to please their clientele in their respective ways. In the end, you just ask yourself – what kind of an Internet user are you? A heavy user needs an unlimited data plan. Whereas, according to research, an average user could not even consume all of the standard 22 to 23GB high-speed data in a month, but only 6GB per month at most. Now, better start looking at which among the providers offer what you exactly need.

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