Four Avoidable Characteristics of a Home Warranty Company

Home Warranty Company
Home Warranty Company

If you’re looking for a reliable home warranty company, you must avoid these characteristics. A trustworthy company will be transparent and up-front with you about any problems during the warranty period. It would be best to try purchasing a home warranty for your Maryland home from a well-established home warranty company in the industry. In addition, a trusted home warranty company should have a solid reputation. Here are four characteristics you should avoid in a home warranty company.

Poor customer service

While it might sound hard to believe, poor customer service is one of the most common complaints about home warranty companies. A recent survey of consumers found that only 24% feel that their home warranty companies are trustworthy. The most common complaint related to arbitrary coverage limits, renewals without consent, and cancellation fees are all reasons for dissatisfaction with home warranty companies. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy home warranty company, you’ll want to avoid these characteristics.

While there are plenty of good companies, some companies have awful customer service. Consumer agencies say they receive thousands of complaints each year, and they often include complaints about customer service. Some consumers complained about denied claims, repairs not being performed properly, and long phone waits. Other consumers had complaints about warranty companies not paying the full replacement cost. While these issues are common, they’re not necessarily the only signs of a scam home warranty company.

Unexpected fees

We discovered that unexpected charges were among the most prevalent home warranty complaints. For example, homeowners alleged that their insurance imposed an unreasonable coverage limit, that their policies were renewed without their permission, or that they were paid a cancellation cost not included in their original policy.

Lack of transparency

When choosing a home warranty company, transparency is key. Unfortunately, other home warranty companies’ website does not disclose key plan components, and it is unclear whether the company provides nationwide coverage. While it publishes information about its product in several states, it is not clear whether it is offering its plans across the country. In addition, some website does not provide basic information about what each plan they offer covers. This lack of transparency can be problematic in the case of habitability issues.

Fraudulent mailers

It’s easy to get ripped off by fraudulent mailers claiming to be from a trustworthy home warranty company. The disreputable sent a formal letter on pink letterhead claiming that your coverage will be terminated if you don’t pay by the date specified in the letter. These scammers usually tie in the mortgage lender, which gives the scam a false air of credibility. However, it’s easy to spot these mailers. When it comes to fraudulent mailers claiming to be from a trusted home warranty company, you can easily tell if they’re fake. Usually, a legitimate home warranty renewal notice will arrive from a trusted company and include a comprehensive description of the policy, a reasonable payment date, and any information you need to verify your account. But if you’re getting mailers from an unfamiliar company, you should stay away from them altogether. It would help if you did as much research before signing up for their services.

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