From Experiencing the Highest Altitudes to the Deepest Corners of the Oceans, Jason Borkland Is the Adventurer to Look Out For

Jason Borkland
Jason Borkland

Adventurers are possibly among the most interesting people you will ever come across. Their spirits are forever in search of something new to explore, finding thrill in the daring and unknown. Their lives are driven by such curiosity and passion that it is hard to come by such dynamic people. They have a contagious vibe that moves many and can even make us question our own purpose in life. While adventurers are mostly unaware of their charm, such lives actually motivate us to dare and dream.

Aside from being one of the adventurers above, Jason Borkland is a true artist. Not in the conventional sense, but his life and adventures are a canvas for self-expression. Despite having an entire automotive business called ‘Heritage Body and Frame’ to his name, Jason makes sure to leave plenty of room in his life for the unexpected. Most of his cherished memories and life-changing moments are those of high adrenaline adventures, from experiencing the highest altitudes to the deepest corners of the oceans. It is safe to say he has experienced life on the planet in all its glory.

According to Jason, his passion for adventure began in his youth, and he has never looked back since then. He has participated in motorsports, watersports, skiing, snowboarding, and snorkeling. Always on the lookout for the next frontier to conquer, his passion doesn’t stop at the edge of the water. It goes far beyond and deeper than the naked eye can go.

Jason is a certified divemaster and enjoys the opportunity of seeing the underwater world and sharing it with others on his social media. His natural ability to capture the action and wildlife in all its glory has led him to be one of the most sought-after technical divers and photographers. He has worked with numerous big names in the world of marine conservation like Randall Arauz and Jim Abernethy, advocating and assisting their efforts against overfishing and leading conservation campaigns.

Jason enjoys everything that pushes his limits and allows him to experience life in ways others are too scared even to dream of doing. He has seen snow-covered peaks on heliskiing excursions, performed aerobatic maneuvers with the elite pillars of Sky Combat Ace, and ridden his custom-built Yamaha Superjet. As if conquering the airspace hasn’t sufficed, he has been around the underwater communities in Belize, Bahamas, Cancun, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guadalupe Island, and many other parts of open waters. Furthermore, the master diver is also a GoPro award winner for underwater images and has great experience in tagging Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Giant Mantas, and Galapagos sharks.

Jason’s adventures are sure to make anyone’s hair stand on its end, but for him, they have helped him embrace his true purpose in life. He said, “ I would hope to have a larger impact on the conservation community, eventually making a documentary about specific threats to the oceans.  Ambitions and goals are the same, to start becoming a more powerful voice in ocean conservation.”

You can hop onto his website to know more about the inspirational marine advocate and serial adventurer Jason Borkland.

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