Future Net Worth

Future Net Worth
Future Net Worth

The professional Future Net Worth is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer with $40 million in net worth. At the suggestion of Rico Wade, his cousin, who is part of the Dungeon Family, Future began writing and rapping.

Early Life

Born on 20 November 1983 in Atlanta, Georgien. Nayvadius Wilburn was born. When he joined the musical collective The Dungeon Family, he was surnamed “The Future Net Worth.” His cousin, Rico Wade, was also a record producer, as well as a member of The Dungeon Family and he encouraged Future Net Worth to work with and build on his songwriting and rapping skills. Wade also gave a break from street life to his young cousin. In the course of the years, Future has recognised his cousin as the master of a unique sound.


In 2010 Future began the release of “1000,” “Dirty Sprite” and “True Story” mixtapes. Future has been working together with Gucci Mane to make the “Free Bricks” album. When DJ Esco began playing Future in Magic City, a popular Atlanta Streip Club, Future Net Worth became more visible and popular. In addition to women wearing their clothes, Magic City started the carriers of a number of rappers from Atlanta, which it is known for.. Epic records addressed Future in the autumn of 2011. He signed a record contract and released almost immediately his best mixtape, the “Streetz Calling.” In spring 2012 he released his first album, “Pluto.” It had four successful individuals, including the ‘Turn on the Lights,’ that hit the U.S. hip hop and R&B charts number two. His second album “Honest” was released in 2014. He released his third album “DS2” in 2015 and his fourth album “Evol.” He published the album “FUTURE” in February 2017. He released a week later “HNDRXX,” another album.

Future Net Worth

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The mixtape “World on drugs” was published in mid-October 2018 in Future Net Worth and late rapper Juice Wrld. It made its debut at number two behind the soundtrack for “A Star is Born” on the US charts behind the Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga. Future’s 10th top 10 album, “Wrld on Drugs,” was in the United States. In January 2019 it was released, “Future Hndrzz Presents: The Wizrd;” its seventh album in the studio and soundtrack to the film, “The Wizrd,” which was released in Apple Music on the 11th January.

For his collaboration in the song, “King’s Dead,” which was shown on “Black Panther” film, Future received his first Grammy Award in Feb. 2019 for Best Rap Panther. In June 2019, his solo EP “Saving Me” was released by Future which debuted in the US charts at number five.

Future published “Life is Good” and “Desires” both with Drake in January 2020.

Future is a pioneer of moving rap and frequently utilises auto tunes in his music.


Two North American tours have been started for Future. The first was the 2016 Drake Summer Seventeen Tour. The second was Meek Mill’s 2019 legendary night tour.

Personal Life

Future is an extensive breeder and date. He has six children with six women. He may identify five and one cannot identify. Five can identify. Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, singer Ciara, Jose Chavis are among his baby moms. In 2013 and 2014 he worked for Ciara for a while, but it broke down because of his untrustworthiness. Together with Ciara’s son, Future Zahir Wilburn, was born in May 2014.

Jessica Smith as well as Ciara sued Future. Smith sued him because he did not pay child support and accused the rapist of his son being neglected. Ciara sued Future on the other hand for defamation, slander and divination due to a series of tweets which he had written in which he had blamed Ciara for his schedule.

There have been paternity charges brought against two women from Florida and Texas in 2019 claiming that he was the father of their children. A prosecution was supposed to refuse to take the DNA test, and one of the women, Cindy Parker, dropped the case. Eliza Seraphin, the other woman, is continuing with her lawsuit. Seraphin says Future spent the entire pregnancy communicating with her. He told her when the baby arrived to tell him and he promised to take financial care of the child. Eliza asked the courts to put Future in prison by August 2020.

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Future now has at least seven children technically, perhaps eight.

Lori Harvey, the daughter of the TV personality and comedian Steve Harvey is reportedly dating. The future.

Salary Highlights

The future has increased by $30 million through touring and support, royalties, etc between September 2017 and September 2018. This was sufficient to make him one of the ten most highly paid rappers in the world. In the previous year he earned 23 million dollars, bringing his total profit to 53 million dollars over that two-year period. He made 3 billion streams of his songs during that same period. Future gained 20 million dollars between September 2018 and September, bringing its earnings to 73 million dollars since 2017.

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