How to Hire the Perfect Freelance Web Developer

Web Developer
Web Developer

We’re now living in a whole new modern era. Almost all businesses have their own websites for customer convenience and facility. 2021 has become more of a digital world, especially due to the current pandemic, and people prefer having access to products and services online. It’s a much more convenient and productive way of shopping.

So your business needs to have a proper online presence if you wish to expand it. B having a website, you are able to display information about your business, products and services 24/7. Even if your business is not related to selling products and services, it still needs to have a firm online presence for potential customers to look it up and access any information. Hence, the more informative and captivating your website is, the more it engages customers.

Why do you need a Web Developer?

A web developer uses programming languages and softwares to design and develop websites and web applications. Developing a website is not just about creating a website with a few pages of information. Web developers are responsible for managing the website’s functionality, integrating security measures to protect it from any viruses, and implementing any features for selling and promoting your product and services.

They usually work in collaboration with either website designers or graphic designers to develop a visually appealing website with special features. Although it’s very hard to find a freelancer with expertise in both web development and website designing, you might actually come through a few if you’re lucky enough.

Why hire a web developer and not a web designer?

A web designer specializes in making your website visually appealing and attractive. They usually only use graphic softwares to create a website layout that distinguishes your brand from others and sort of becomes your brand’s identity. However, they’re not that skilled in actually developing a website. This is exactly why you need to hire a web developer for the job.

A web developer specializes in the development and functionality of the website. Inserting special features- especially for shopping websites- like adding products to cart, managing inventories, wish lists, reviews and making the website user-friendly. They are also skilled in securing your website from any viruses and malware.

Steps for finding the perfect web developer:

Step One: Create a job post

It’s essential to create an informative job post for freelancers to access. Make sure your job post contains all the information regarding the project and your company. Clearly mention the work outlines. What needs to be done, and what do you expect from the freelance web developer. Your goals for creating the website and the outcomes you are expecting from it. Do you want a totally out of the box, trendy and artistic website or a more decent and civil one? The freelancers that apply for the job are going to be needing such detailed information to know if they are fit for the job, so make sure you’re clear about it.

State your requirements. What set of skills are you looking for? Are you looking for a web developer and web designer, all in one? If yes, then find a freelancer who holds both web development and graphic designing skills. If your budget allows you to hire them separately, then look for a freelancer with experience and expertise in web development.

Once you’ve posted your job ad on online platforms, sit back and wait for freelancers to bid and propose ideas. Then go through their proposals to pick out promising candidates.

Step Two: Look up their profiles

Once you’ve picked out candidates based on their proposals, the next step is to look through their profiles on freelance marketplaces or the sites where you uploaded your job post. Their profiles contain their previous works, portfolios, sample work, and skillset. While looking through their portfolios, you’ll get a much wider perspective about their work style and how their final products usually turn out.

Besides portfolios, the freelancer’s ratings and reviews are also available. The previous clients they worked for post their ratings and reviews about the freelance web developer’s work. Their reviews can prove very helpful in checking the credibility of the freelancer and their work.

Step Three: Know what skills to look for

You need to be aware of what skillset you have to look for when hiring a freelance web developer. The skillset should include everything from work ethic to programming and developing skills. Here are some crucial skills you need to look for:

  • Programming skills: Your freelancer should know how to use programming languages like PHP, Python, Java and JavaScript. PHP is much more common in website development because it’s pretty fast and secure. WordPress and Facebook use the framework of PHP. You can integrate AI and Machine learning in websites with Python, so it’s highly recommended for shopping websites. At the same time, JavaScript and Java bring a more graphic and advanced aspect to your website, respectively.
  • Works well independently: Freelancers usually work remotely, so make sure the freelance web developer you hire can work well independently. Moreover, they should deliver quality work without supervision. It is also crucial that they meet your deadlines.
  • Updated with current trends: Your web developer should be aware of the current trends and able to create and update your website according to the trends. Because let’s face it, no one likes a dry and old-fashioned website. They should be able to incorporate cutting edge technology into your website.
  • Knowledge about SEO: Your freelancer must be aware of how SEO works. They should be able to make your website accessible on the top of search engines.

The Final Step: Interview and finalize your freelancer

Once you’ve picked out candidates suitable for your project, interview them further. During the interviewing process, you’ll be able to single out that one candidate who fits right into your criteria. Moreover, you get to know more about the freelancer during the interviewing process, which is a plus point.

Following all these steps will surely help you find the perfect freelance web developer!

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