iPad 10 might launch during the final week of October

iPad 10
iPad 10

Apple’s big September press event brought us the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, and the AirPods Pro 2. Apple also unveiled to us two other Apple Watches at the event, the Ultra, and the new iPhone SE. However, an exclusive report now confirms the iPad 10 and the M2-powered iPad Pros and MacBook Pros were not part of the September launch event.

Everyone has always expected Apple to announce new tablets and laptops in October, although we had no dates. Rumors said Apple would hold another press event this month or announce the new products via press releases. But still, there are no dates for the iPad 10 and new MacBooks, but Mark Gurman offered a release window for iPadOS 16. The new operating system is coming in the last week of October, which means that’s when new products might arrive.

Unlike previous years, Apple did not release the latest iPadOS version alongside the new iPhone OS. iOS 16 launched on schedule after the iPhone 14 event, but iPadOS 16 wasn’t ready. Apple is still refining the OS, with Stage Manager being one of the features that might have postponed the release. Also, just as we guess and predict the mlb schedule, we’re going with full confidence that the iPad 10 launch is supposed to follow in October, so it would make sense to time iPadOS 16 with the new iPad. Especially if the M2 iPad Pro models will join the iPad 10.

Apple doesn’t have to release a significant new iPadOS version at the same time with new hardware. But since it’s doing it with iPhones, it might as well coordinate software and hardware similarly when it makes sense. As a reminder, iPad Pros are not on a yearly schedule.

Gurman said on Twitter that iPadOS 16.1 would drop in the week of October 24th. That’s the final week of October and the week when Apple will share its earnings report for the September quarter when the iPhone 14 launch happens.

The iPad 10’s launch is imminent if the information is accurate. While this is Apple’s most affordable tablet, there’s reason to be excited about it. iPad 10 will pack a new processor, as expected. But the most exciting development might be the USB-C port replacing Lightning. All other iPads are on USB-C, with the entry-level being the only exception.

Regardless of how Apple chooses to unveil the iPad 10, the new tablet should be available in stores by early November.

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