Knowing When It’s Time To Change Car Insurance Companies

Car Insurance Companies
Car Insurance Companies

For years now, you’ve had no problem with your current car insurance provider, but that’s changed. Perhaps you don’t know if you should contact your current provider about getting better premiums or discounts, or maybe you should save your energy and consider competitors. Here are several signs it’s time to cut your losses and take your coverage needs elsewhere.

Unexplained Premium Increase

You’ve lived at the same address for years, haven’t filed a claim or changed your driving habits, yet your provider increased your premiums for no apparent reason. While some carriers increase premiums because of increased claims in your neighborhood, others do it to see whether they can get away with it. If your carrier falls into the latter category, it may be time to switch to FirstQuote Insurance.

Major Life Event

If you changed zip codes, got married or divorced, or had a baby, you could qualify for cheaper insurance. Your current carrier may not lower your premiums for such life events, but a competitor could. Shop around to see which companies don’t mind lowering your premiums without sacrificing your coverage.

A Lack of Specific Benefits

Maybe you’ve seen or heard insurance commercials about benefits your current provider doesn’t offer. For example, you may want rental car coverage, bundling policy discounts or a good driver discount. If your current insurance company doesn’t offer these benefits and doesn’t plan to soon, you could be better off making the switch.

Policy Renewal

Usually, insurance companies renew customer policies every six months to a year. Rather than let your coverage renew automatically, you may instead want to use it as an opportunity to think about whether you want a new provider. Look over your new policy to see whether your coverage or premiums change. Depending on how everything looks, you could be in a great position to seek a new carrier.

Inferior Customer Service

You may not file too many insurance claims, but when you do, what kind of customer service experience do you have? If the representatives always disrespect or dismiss you, or if you cannot get straightforward answers to questions, it may not matter how great your coverage is. You may not mind paying slightly higher premiums if it means being treated like a valued customer rather than a burden.

Saving Money

Rather than higher premiums, missing benefits or lackluster customer service, perhaps your sole reason for wanting to switch insurance providers is to save money. Go ahead and check out the competition to see what your options are. Even if you decide to remain with your current carrier, at least you know what’s available should you change your mind and switch providers later. Doing research ahead of time could save you a lot of time and help you make a well-informed decision that you don’t regret.

Timing is everything when getting great insurance, no matter if it’s for your car, your life, your health or your home. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of whether you should look for something better.

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