Making the Most of Your Trip to Oceania


Oceania is an amazing region of the world. Even though it is hard to get to for so many of us around the world, and perhaps for this very reason, Australia and New Zealand have some of the most fascinating cities and breathtaking natural landscapes that exist today.

If you are planning on going down under, try to stay for a while. It is such a long trip, and there is so much to see. Here are some tips and suggestions for making the most out of your trip to Oceania!

Learn About Their Cultures Before You Go

Do not make the mistake that Australia and New Zealand are just like England, or even the same between the two. Their differences are many and are often points of pride in their national identities. Mess some of this up and you might not get invited to your neighbor’s next barbie! We would not want that, would we?

This is one of the important things that can make traveling alone not only safer but more fun! If you are able to understand the culture, you will blend in more, have more in-depth and respectful conversations with locals, and, therefore, be in a better situation overall. Put in a little bit of time before you go, and skip the shock of the first contact.

Learning about their cultures can include everything from getting to know some of the new vocabulary that people in each country use. (Did you know “billy” means teapot?) It can also mean understanding the current political landscape in each country, which one is more liberal, and what are the hottest debates there at the moment.

A Mix of Nature and Urban Centers

There are several large urban areas in Oceania. The majority of them are in Australia. Sydney tops the list, with Melbourne just behind it. both of them have over five million residents in their urban areas and have thriving arts, culture, and culinary scenes. New Zealand cracks into the list in the fifth position. There, we have Auckland with roughly 1.7 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area.

Australia and New Zealand also have spectacular nature, and this travel guide to Oceania really shows it! Each one is surprisingly different. New Zealand is known as the extreme sports capital of the world, and its amazing natural landscapes are an essential part of this! Think rugged cliffs, rivers, and lots of green forests. After all, this is where Lord of the Rings was filmed!

Australia, on the other hand, is more known for its gorgeous deserts, rock formations, and gorges. Do not forget the coral reef, which is one of the most important natural resources we have right now!

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend a Night In

We are always rushing when we are on vacation. Who has not come back from a few days or weeks on vacation only to realize that we are just as tired as ever? We do not want that to happen. Rather, try to do an extended vacation, perhaps taking advantage of the potential to work from a distance.

This will give you the opportunity and cla to stay in, which will help you enjoy your days out even more. When you stay in, you can watch local television or check out local websites, so you are still getting the local experience. If you like gambling, there are specific websites available in each country.

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Whatever you decide to do with your night in, do not feel guilty about “not making the most out of every minute. We also require rest in order to be our best selves when we do decide it is time to go explore!

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