Reducing Your Risk of Injury on an Motorcycle


Many of those who enjoy riding motorcycles appreciate the feeling of freedom that they get from riding down the open road and enjoying the scenery unencumbered by the confines of an automobile. Another reason why many people ride is that commuting to and from work on a motorcycle is often less expensive than utilizing a passenger vehicle. No matter the reason you choose to ride, operating a motorcycle has certain inherent risks that driving a motor vehicle doesn’t. Especially if you choose to ride in city traffic, the dangers of motorcycling can be overwhelming. However, you can do a few things to reduce the risk of accidents and injury. Two important techniques are to be as visible as possible and invest in training.

Be Visible

One of the most dangerous spots for motorcyclists is intersections where cars need to cross your lane to make a left turn. These are the types of situations where drivers may not see the motorcyclist and pull out in front of a bike. In these cases, the driver may be found negligent by a Los Angeles injury attorney. To try and avoid such collisions at these dangerous intersections, you may flash your brights or honk your horn to ensure that the motorist sees or hears you coming. When in doubt, slow down and even try to catch the eye of the motorist if they look your way. If you can tell the driver isn’t paying any attention and probably won’t see you, slow way down and begin defensive maneuvers.

Wearing reflective clothing on a motorcycle greatly increases the chance that you will be seen by other motorists. Reflective vests, helmets, jackets, and pants are all available to riders. In the absence of reflective gear, wear bright colors such as orange and bright yellow. Make it as hard as possible for motorists to overlook you.

Invest in Quality Training

To reduce the risk of injury on a motorcycle, consider investing in expert training. Especially if you will be riding in high traffic areas, taking a class from qualified instructors can give you essential knowledge and a wealth of tips to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Training classes can give you theoretical as well as hands-on experience maneuvering through situations that you may encounter on the road. Classes are taught by experts that have been riding for an extended period and sometimes they’ve even ridden professionally. No matter what type of environment you plan to ride in, they can help you with tactics to negotiate that environment safely.

Regardless of why you ride, it’s important to do as much as you can to reduce the risk of injury. The benefits of riding motorcycles are as abundant as the techniques you can use to keep yourself as safe as possible. The key to avoiding many accidents with other motorists is to be as visible as possible. And when all the reflective gear in the world doesn’t help a driver see you, the emergency maneuvers you will learn in a quality training class can help avoid a collision. Preparation is a big key to remaining injury-free.

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