Signs You Need New Snowplow Blades

Snowplow Blades
Snowplow Blades

In the parts of the country that see all four seasons, seeing as winter is a lot of people’s favourite time of year. The snow, holidays, family gatherings, and outdoor sports make winter worth having to wear a few more jackets.

Another common part of the snowy parts of the year is the sound of local snowplows. As a snowplow driver, you are no doubt aware of the value of the services you provide. Without the handwork of snowplow drivers, major cities in several parts of the country would grind to a halt during a snowstorm.

Part of providing these essential services is having the right equipment to do the job. Your plows need to be properly serviced and maintained and that includes not only the engine but also the blades. Having proper Winter Plow Blades ensures your plows can do the work without delays and provide the level of performance you expect. Buying sturdy. Well-made and reliable blades from companies with a history of satisfied customers, such as Grader Blades keep your plows in top working condition.

Four Signs You Need New Snow Blades

  1. The Blade Is Wearing Down: a visual inspection can often tell you if new plow blades are needed. The edge of the blade makes contact with every surface you plow including roads, parking lots, and city streets. Over time the edge wears away, moving snow across these hard surfaces. If the edge is dulling, damaged, or worn away, a replacement should be installed as soon as possible as it can lead to ineffective work and surface damage.
  2. Skipping When Plowing: damaged blades are noticeable during the normal operation of your snow plow. Your plow’s blades should pass smoothly across most surfaces unless they are uneven or the road or street itself is damaged. When your blades are damaged they can skip across even smooth surfaces. You may also feel that when the blade is running across a surface that feels rough or uneven. If you notice these performance issues, you should replace your plow blades as soon as possible as this could damage other parts of the snow plow.
  3. Uneven Plowing: another sign you could use new blades is the plowing is uneven. Blades with sharp edges provide an even plow where the snow is effectively moved. If you plow an area and see a lot of snow left behind, this shows that the blade is not plowing evenly. This results in you having to do multiple passes and the jobs taking longer. As snow plowing is often time-sensitive, you cannot afford this reduced performance.
  4. Debris Is Sticking To Your Blades: while cleaning your blades is a common part of regular maintenance, if you see an increase in the amount of debris your plow blades are collecting, this is a sign you need new blades. Dull and damaged blades collect more debris than expected and if you find your plows are collecting more road debris, it means the blades aren’t able to move through the snow effectively.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your snowplows on the road is critical during the late fall and winter. You need your equipment to perform reliably and predictably. Damaged blades negatively impact the services you provide and can cause jobs to take far longer than they should. This causes frustration for both drivers and residents. For travel and commerce, roads have to be clear even during the winter, and you want to make sure that is done as quickly and effectively as possible. If your plow blades are aging or wearing down, you should replace them to ensure work continues smoothly and without delay. Buying high-quality blades will last you for several years and cut down on replacement frequency and costs.

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