Slingo Online Games: A Review of this Niche

Slingo slot games
Slingo slot games

The varieties of slots in online casinos are diverse these days. With evolving tastes of players, some casino classics are experiencing revamps, too. One of these classic revamp examples is the Slingo games.

These phone casino mobile slots are just as unique as their name. Since they are gaining popularity worldwide at an amazing pace, it has become pivotal to review these slots for their rewards and features.

Origins of Slingo

As a classic merger, we can see Slingo slot games featuring the best bits from their parent games, i.e., bingo and slots. They hit the casinos in 1994 when introduced by Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia based in New Jersey. From there, these slots moved to RealNetworks in 2013 and then to the Gaming Realms. Through the years, Slingo slots have spread across 12 varieties and are available in all casinos worldwide as single and multiplayer slots.

The latest updates of Slingo allow these slot games to be accessed through all portable devices. If you prefer land-based casinos, then you can expect more exclusive Slingo machines and scratch-off lottery tickets there for enjoying the game in its full glory.

How to Play Slingo

For playing Slingo games, you need to know the basics of both bingo and slots. Then you can consider the following differences of Slingo for tailoring your strategy to this particular slot category:

  • The theme of Slingo slots is to experience slots and bingo together. Like slots, each player gets 20 spins, which are used for obtaining five numbers to be marked off the bingo card provided. Like bingo, the numbers obtained are marked off the card to win rewards.
  • Wild symbols, like Joker and Super Joker, are at play.
  • There are Devil symbols that cut the earned rewards in half. Avoiding them for as long as possible is the best way to go with them.
  • Cherub symbols work opposite to the Devil symbols and help you achieve your target.
  • For a smooth flow of your game, you would want to have as many spins available as possible. You can either win free spins during the game or buy them using the coins or maybe the accumulated spins.
  • The spins and the mark-off need to be done within a limited time.
  • Points are important in this slot game. You can score some points during the game or buy them using coins. Ultimately, if you manage to earn the most points, victory is yours!


In a nutshell, you can expect the same fun from Slingo as you are used to having with slots and bingo. Once you get on with the game, you will realise that Slingo is true to the spirits of its parent games. It might be a big leap moving away from the classics, but with Slingo, you won’t regret your decision.

There are many players who still don’t know what Slingo is, but if you check the stats, Slingo is pacing towards the top quite consistently. It’s not far when we will find Slingo games becoming classics themselves.

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