Some Very Good Reasons to Add a Raised Bed to Your Garden


Most people give up on their dream of having a garden because they think their yard is not adequate for such a venture. It’s time to eradicate that belief because, with raised beds, you can start your garden anywhere. Let’s take a look at how.

What Are Raised Beds?

Raised beds are freestanding garden constructions built above ground level. They are often fairly small; why they are referred to as beds. In addition, the soil is above the surrounding ground, hence the term raised. 

You can use almost any material at your disposal to build frames for raised beds, including concrete blocks, landscape timbers, or brick. The primary function is to prevent erosion and provide adequate support. 

Plants You Can Grow in Raised Beds

The list of garden vegetables you can plant in raised beds is pretty extensive. For instance, bush-type plants, such as cucumbers, develop well in such an environment. Even tomatoes and beans can grow in raised beds; just install trellises to support them. 

However, growing sweet corn, melons, or squash may be challenging because they need more space and develop better in the ground. 

Benefits of Having Raised Beds 

So, if you are looking for alternative ways to start a garden or enhance the existing one, add raised beds. Here’s why. 

You Can Place Them Anywhere

Raised beds are so convenient. You can place them on your patio or driveway. In case you fear it will occupy too much space, put them on wheels so you can move them whenever they get in the way. 

Drainage is an issue, you say? Not anymore. Add some gravel to that space and place a raised bed on top of it. Also, if you struggle with clay soil, put a raised bed above it and fill it with proper soil mix. 

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Raised Beds Make Your Yard Look Organised

Aesthetics play a crucial role in our everyday life, and raised beds are here to make your backyard look nice and neat. In addition, cleaning and maintaining a path is much easier when you have raised beds because they make an obvious line between a path and the garden space. 

The Soil Is Under Your Control 

The soil type and quality present an enormous issue for those trying to start a garden. However, when you have raised beds, you control what kind of soil you’ll put in them. 

Plus, the soil stays friable and loose in raised beds because you are not stepping into or walking through it. Instead, you are just standing next to the beds, so there’s no way you can compress the soil. 

Weeds Don’t Stand a Chance of Surviving in Raised Beds

Of course, this is an outcome you’ll achieve if you follow the steps of experienced gardeners. Most of them cover raised beds with black plastic or cardboard in spring to destroy every undesired plant that grew during the winter. 

Once you decide to plant your vegetables again, remove the dead weeds to prevent them from turning into a seed. Also, if you want to prevent weeds from infiltrating, consider installing a weed barrier on the bottom of each bed. 

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A Raised Bed Is Your Ally on Many Levels

Although gardening can benefit your health and positively affect your overall well-being, particular garden-related activities can cause specific issues, such as back pain. 

Of course, this should not discourage you and make you doubt your intention of having a garden. It is only a reminder of why having raised beds is a choice worth considering. 

Remember, raised beds that are one foot tall or higher are an ideal solution for gardeners of all ages because reaching into them will not cause severe back and knee strain. Instead, it will make you enjoy everything gardening offers. 

A Raised Bed: Aesthetics Plus Functionality 

With the way the world has been, especially over the past two years, it’s safe to say that we all need to take time off and commit to a relaxing activity at some point. And when you look at all the positive aspects it offers, gardening might be just what the doctor ordered. It’s not expensive or complicated, especially if you choose an alternative suitable for your conditions.

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