Stay-at-home Dads Need Protection During Divorce and Custody Cases

Custody Cases
Custody Cases

According to the National At-Home Dad Network, an estimated 1.7 million dads are responsible for the primary care of their minor children. Seven million (or 32% of married fathers) are a “regular” source of care for their children. This is a large number and appears to be increasing.

Other studies by Pew and the Bureau of Labor Statistics have also shown that more and more dads are responsible for caregiving when their partners go to work. As parenting profiles are changing, so are the relationships between children and their parents.

Dads are the New Moms

With some roles changing, the world has opened up for dads and their children to have stronger relationships and increased bonding time. The female partner often has a better job, family law lawyer and rather than pay for childcare, which is expensive, the male partner stays home and takes care of their children. This often enhances the life of the child and the dad.

What Happens During Separation and Divorce?

No one goes into marriage or having children with the thought that it will end, and in most cases, both partners do their best to make things work, but often, that is not a possibility.

Previously, women were the main caregiver tips and courts most frequently gave custody to the mother, but with changing roles, the courts are now looking more carefully into the family dynamics before awarding custody. With this change, many litigators and lawyers like those at Cordell and Cordell have created services to help dads get a fair and mutually beneficial ruling when it comes to divorce, custody, alimony, and child support.

Some organizations that help dads include:

  • Fathersrights.org
  • Athomedad.org

Fathers that have spent quality time raising their children, should not be denied the right to continue positive relationships with them. Some legal experts like Cordell and Cordell lawyers understand that both parents should have long, fruitful relationships with their children until they reach adulthood.

If you or someone you know has been unfairly advised by their current legal team, look for another law firm. They should find a legal firm that understands the needs of fathers as they look for a positive outcome for their children and family.

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