Storage Ideas for Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen

It’s doubtful anyone ever said they had too much storage in their kitchen. From appliances to dish towels, everything needs to be in its place if your room is going to look homey and appealing. When you’re remodelling your kitchen with a rustic motif, here are some ideas for meeting your farmhouse storage and organization needs while sticking to your style.


A kitchen’s charm can be muted if the cabinetry consists entirely of closed-off cupboards. Having everything tucked away out of view may reduce clutter, but it’s also one reason some rooms look sterile and uninviting.

To create the warm and welcoming vibe you want for your farmhouse kitchen, consider open shelving. Hanging shelves can be mounted freely, in which there are no exposed supports, or with brackets that have been aged or weathered to give them a rustic appearance. Ropes and leather cords can also be used to anchor floating shelves to the ceiling for a unique and charming look.

If cupboards are more practical for your space, opt for glass doors on the cabinets that house your prettiest dishware and crockery. Airiness is a key feature in most farmhouse kitchens, so the open facing will give you plenty of room for your goods while lightening the heaviness of having too much enclosed cabinetry.

Pantry Storage

Another great spot to install a glass door is on your pantry, but if you go this route, you’ll need to give extra attention to how you store your provisions. Commercial packaging may be eye-catching in a grocery store, but it can be an eyesore when it’s displayed in your kitchen.

Glass jars are the perfect option for storing pasta, flour, and just about anything that comes in a box. For corralling canned goods in a pretty way, try using baskets or fabric bins. Tiered galvanized shelving is ideal for spice jars or canisters. Also, try adding a lazy Susan in a rustic finish; you’ll be able to spin it so the prettiest packaging takes center stage, but everything else on the turntable will still be easy to access.

Countertop Storage

Don’t overlook the need to keep your countertops attractive and clutter-free. A key to farmhouse charm is that your kitchen should look lived-in and not sterile, so find ways to show off your regularly-used items rather than hide them away.

Start by using pretty glass or ceramic canisters to hold sugar, salt, and other things you need within easy reach when preparing food. Tiered wire stands are perfect for showing off fresh fruits and herbs, while tall baskets will hold your cooking utensils and keep them organized in a stylish way. Decorative boxes and trays are an attractive choice for ensuring that everyday items like napkins, dish towels, and sponges are tidy yet still close at hand.

From choosing the right cupboards to finding cute ways to declutter your countertops, it’s possible to pull everything together while keeping your kitchen’s style intact. These tips will help you organize your space yet still fit perfectly within your farmhouse aesthetic.

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