The Best Time Of The Day To Take Your Probiotics


You’ve probably heard this a hundred times by now: your gut health is crucial to your overall well-being, and the healthy bacteria in your digestive system play a significant role in ensuring that your gut health remains in tip-top shape and helps keep your overall health in check.

Dietary supplements known as probiotics include beneficial bacteria already present in your digestive tract in their natural state. Environmental variables such as stress, processed foods, chemicals in our water and food, pollution, radiation, and some drugs can all harm the diversity and number of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. Probiotics aim to preserve and reestablish the natural diversity of the bacteria in your digestive tract.

Considering their usefulness, it is not a surprise that many of us have started to include probiotic supplements as part of our regular routines. Reaping a supplement’s benefits is not as easy as simply making a mental note to take it at some time every day. You probably wonder over and over how long should you wait to eat after taking a probiotic. It comes to our attention that the timing of when we consume our probiotic supplements has a significant bearing on the extent to which these supplements can benefit our digestive systems.

Here is what leading digestive health professionals and the most recent scientific research have to say about when and when not to take your probiotics.

Best Time To Take Your Probiotics

Your stomach is made to destroy harmful germs and viruses that may enter your body through food and drink. This is terrible news for the probiotic bacteria since prolonged exposure to stomach acid causes their death.

According to research, taking a probiotic first thing in the morning before breakfast or right before bed is the ideal time. The best time to take probiotics is on an empty stomach. The time it takes for the good bacteria to reach your gut can be shortened by taking probiotics at least 30 minutes before a meal.

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When Not To Take Probiotics

Probiotics can be consumed by people of all ages and in any situation. However, there are a few instances when we advise against taking them without first speaking to your doctor since they could be incompatible with a condition or medication. If you are taking additional drugs, we recommend first talking with your doctor.

Why You Should Take Probiotics Every Day

Is it safe to use daily probiotic supplements? Although there could be a few exceptions to this generalization, the answer is that it is safe and frequently advised to take them every day.

It’s critical to realize that probiotics are natural supplements, not prescription drugs. Instead of being utilized as a “quick cure,” they work best when consumed at breakfast as part of a regular wellness regimen. Additionally, in rare circumstances, such as while taking antibiotics, some strains may be taken for a brief period. For ages, traditional diets of several ethnic groups have included fermented foods containing living microorganisms.

Are There Any Negative Reactions When Taking Probiotics?

Most people who take probiotics do not experience any adverse effects at all since probiotics are known to have very few if any, adverse effects. When an individual first begins using a new product that contains live cultures, there is a possibility that there will be a time of “adjustment” in the gut for that person.

Because of the changes that are taking place within the microbial community of the gut, a person may experience minor symptoms such as bloating or wind as a result of these changes. Taking probiotics should be done to alter the make-up of one’s microbiome, which is why this shift is considered beneficial, even though it may result in some transient side effects.

Although most individuals report that the advantages of probiotics much outweigh any temporary pain, it is suggested that those who continue to have adverse effects get in touch with the manufacturer for guidance.

Why You Should Avoid Taking Probiotics After A Large Meal

The stomach in your body is a brilliant organ. Your body responds by secreting more digestive enzymes and stomach acid when you consume more food. In addition, the passage of food through the stomach takes longer the more food there is to travel through it. Food takes four to five hours to pass through the stomach.

Take a probiotic before or after a very substantial and heavy meal. The probiotic will have to withstand stomach acidity for a significantly extended period before passing it on to the small intestine.

Select The Best Probiotic For Your Current Health

Not all probiotics are made equal. The strains mainly determine the influence of the probiotic supplement on various health outcomes it contains combined into a single product. There are a variety of purposes that each probiotic strain can serve. Different strains may be included in a probiotic formula, varying according to the product’s intended use.

You may receive probiotic bacteria through foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and kefir. Still, a high-quality, scientifically based probiotic supplement will contain strains that have been carefully mixed for maximum effect.


Consuming probiotics is relatively risk-free for the great majority of individuals. Before taking any supplements containing live cultures, anyone who does fall into one of the few groups who should not do so should always see their primary care physician first.

The essential thing to do before taking a probiotic supplement is to read the suggested usage directions that are printed on the product container. These will instruct you when and how to take the exact probiotic you have chosen most effectively.

Most probiotics are best when taken on an empty stomach, as this increases the likelihood that they will survive the harsh conditions of stomach acid. Many take them just after they get up in the morning, around half an hour or so before breakfast, or in the evening, about two to three hours after their last meal, right before bed.

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