The Best Work Gloves for Scaffolders


Having the right safety equipment is of supreme importance to every scaffolder, and one of the most important such items is a good pair of gloves. Gloves not only provide protection to hands but also ensure that they stay at a safe temperature and help with improving grip.

However it can be a difficult task for a scaffolder to find the best type of work gloves due to the fact that they are available in a number of very different styles. This can make it a sometimes overwhelming decision to try and work out which would be the best pair for them.

There are a number of qualities and features that need to be taken into consideration when shopping for scaffolding gloves.


Gloves that are going to be worn all day while working need to be comfortable, so it is important to ensure that the gloves you buy are not rubbing anywhere or this will result in blisters. The gloves also need to fit really well as ones that are too big or too tight will also cause problems and will not be comfortable when worn all day long.


Gloves are used to protect the hands of scaffolders yet some of the more detailed aspects of their work cause them to take them off. However this is not necessary if they are using gloves that allow them to maintain their dexterity, which is another important factor to consider.


Gloves need to be durable in order to protect their hands without wearing out in record time. Scaffolders are often handling jagged and rough pieces of steel so gloves have to be resistant to puncturing and abrasion or they will not last a day.


It is vital to purchase gloves that fall within your budget but which you can also afford to lose, as work gloves tend to get lost more than other work tools.

High Temperature Resistant

Scaffolders who work around hot temperatures will require High Temperature Resistant gloves. Working with hot metal means that a different type of protection is required and thus a different kind of glove such as one made from high quality cowhide. These gloves can seem bulky and thick but are also very flexible and soft, meaning that tasks can be easily performed while wearing them.

As well as offering hands heat protection these gloves are also wear resistant and waterproof, meaning they will last for several years.

Multi-Purpose Work Gloves

Multi-purpose gloves are perfect for scaffolders that need to perform minute and very fine work with their hands, being extremely lightweight and almost coming across as an extra layer of skin. They are so flexible that scaffolders can maintain their dexterity, while still providing plenty of protection.

Taking the time to research and invest in high quality work gloves will greatly improve the quality of life for scaffolders. Having the right pair of work gloves will help to enhance their grip, maintain their dexterity and protect their hands, ensuring both their safety and their continued ability to perform their best work.


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