Thinking of Getting a New Pair of Running Shoes? Here’s how you can get the best

Running Shoes
Running Shoes

Your legs do most of the work when running and it goes without saying that you need to find a way to support them- luckily, running shoes are designed to do just that.

Running shoes are made to help you feel more comfortable while running which in turn increases your performance and reduces the amount of shock placed on your feet while running. These shoes also help in preventing injuries, supporting your pronation type, and managing existing foot issues.

With all the benefits running shoes provide, the next point of call is ‘how can you get a good pair of running shoes?’ Since you are going to be spending quite some time in them, the running shoes you get should be perfectly suited for the activity you wish to perform and give you your money’s worth.

Here is a guide on what you need to know to get the best pair of running shoes.

There are different types of Running Shoes

You already know that running shoes are designed to aid said activity but running shoes are of different designs and types. There are trail running shoes that are used for rough terrains. Athletes use spiked running shoes when going for track races and there are lightweight running shoes for running on roads, pavements, sidewalks, and for workouts.

The type of running shoes you get from the Asics store in Au depends on the activity you are doing along with other additional features you would like your shoes to have. If you get a pair of high-quality running shoes but use it for a purpose other than what it was designed for, your shoes may experience early wear and tear and may not perform as expected.

Consider your Pronation

Your pronation describes the way your feet roll inward when you walk or run. It also refers to the side-to-side movement of the feet. There are three types of pronation which are normal or neutral pronation, under pronation, and overpronation. Your type of pronation may affect the kind of shoes you can wear. For instance, overpronators may want to consider getting stability running shoes or get a pair of running that have been designed with their type of pronation in mind.

To know your pronation, you can conduct the wet paper test at home where you determine your pronation based on the outline of your feet on a piece of paper. However, for a more accurate result, you can get it done at your local podiatrist or a specialty store. They will also tell you if you need extra cushion or customized shoe inserts.

Get your Perfect Size

You should be aware of your shoe size when you go shopping or get your feet measured at an AU Asics store before you begin. It is important to measure the width and length of your feet to avoid getting shoes that are too narrow or tight.

To know if you got the appropriate shoe size, your toes should feel snug instead of too tight or loose- which means there should be just the right amount of wiggle room to promote airflow to your toes.

Are Socks Important?

While some love wearing a pair of comfy running socks along with their running, others prefer to go without them. Wearing socks can give your shoes a better fit and increase the comfort level of your shoes. They can also prevent blisters and injuries caused by friction.

If you have a favorite pair of running socks, take them along with you when shoe shopping. Wear the socks when trying on your shoes to get a better feel of it.

When it is time to buy, shop at a specialty store instead of a departmental store. Where there aren’t any specialty stores around you, buy from a trusted brand that has a range of products and different products for you to choose from. Since you don’t get to try on the shoes before buying, make sure to check the reviews and note all reviews that could have a drastic effect on your decision to buy. The brand you are patronizing should have a good return policy that allows you to return the shoes if you discover any defects when trying them on or end up not liking what you see.

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