Top Five App Lockers for Android 2021

App Lockers
App Lockers

With immense technological evolution and advancement over the last few years, today, Android Security has become one of the topmost priorities for tech experts all over the world. For instance, there are hundreds of app lock applications available on the Google Play Store that can keep your devices safe from falling into wrong hands.

Although the Android system comes with an in-built screen lock, still it does not provide you with any specific feature to lock your apps. That’s where app lock applications come to the rescue; now you can easily lock all your android devices with a pin, screen pattern, or even a fingerprint, etc. All you need to do is just download the app locks in your smartphone, and you are good to go.

However, you cannot run these applications on your smartphone without downloading them. This is the reason why you are going to need a high-speed internet connection at home like CenturyLink internet so that you can enjoy prompt downloading without any interruption. The best part is that CenturyLink internet plans are easily affordable for all types of users, starting from $50 per month only. Isn’t that amazing?

Below are our top five picks of Android locks apps available on the Google Play Store. Let’s take a look!

1. Norton App Lock

In the plethora of high-end, and incredibly powerful software systems, Norton has its own place. Norton antivirus helps you to enjoy using a virus-free and secure device that’s protected by a fingerprint scanner or PIN/pattern. Besides this, Norton app lock also helps in safeguarding your pictures and prevents the uninstallation of your smartphone apps.

The best part is that Norton App Lock is a 100% ad-free application and provides you with pictures of the intruders too, so you are completely safe from all types of scammers. Moreover, it consists of an extraordinarily brilliant feature of providing Android users with a recommended list of apps that they should keep locked.

Some of its key features include:

  • Setting a PIN, password, or pattern to lock your phone screen and secure the installed apps.
  • Enabling you to protect your images and videos from any scammers by clicking their pictures.
  • Protect your financial, personal, and confidential information by adding a particular lock to each category.

Overall, the app does its job pretty well and has mostly positive reviews by the users.

2. AppLock (by DoMobile Lab)

AppLock is probably the finest Android lock apps on the Google Play Store. It has user-friendly, easy-to-use, and responsive features that help the users to protect their apps via password. AppLock also allows the users to hide their images and videos by storing them in a private folder, thus preventing any unauthorized access. It is especially helpful in securing your gallery.

Just like various other apps on the Google Play Store, AppLock also facilitates its users by creating a customized pattern lock. With the efficient use of this app, you can easily protect specific apps in your Android smartphone by adding a fake cover to them.

3. AppLock – Lock Apps & Privacy Guard

Just as the name says, AppLock is probably one of the best apps when it comes to providing the right amount of security and privacy to your android apps.  It features a wide range of exclusive features to lock your apps via fingerprint scanners, PIN/pattern, face tracking, or even a fake/disguise cover, like shaking, blowing, or using a crash message to unlock the devices. As the interface of the app is particularly easy to use, you can use a variety of methods to unlock your apps.

However, AppLock is not ad-free and features various in-app purchases.

4. AppLock (by IvyMobile)

AppLock by IvyMobile works pretty much like other Android phone lock apps. It allows the users to protect their confidential data like contacts, images, videos, settings, and email, etc. via a pattern lock or PIN set on the applications. AppLock also features an automatic feature of clicking pictures of any intruders that fail to unlock your apps!

What’s even more interesting is that AppLock has an exclusive feature of replacing your app logo with a fake one, like a calculator or alarm clock, etc. This helps the users to ensure extra safety and security of their smartphones.

5. Smart Applock

This app helps the users to lock some specific apps, images, toggles, settings, and callers’ data in their smartphones. Smart Applock works by disguising itself as a locked screen so that others might get the impression that they have reached the lock screen again even after trying to unlock the phone. Some of its top features include:

  • Delayed app locking
  • Break-in alerts and notifications
  • Auto-start upon reboot

Besides this, the app also portrays a unique fingerprint access feature for Samsung users.

Final Word

All of the above-mentioned Android app locks have been listed after conducting detailed research and survey. We hope that this information is going to serve as a mini-guide for you while choosing the best app lock for your Android phone. However, if you still wish to conduct more research about other app locks, then you can browse through various tech websites or even Google Play Store. For example, you can search for tech articles, or even random blogs to find out more about the technicities, and in-built features of each app.

Another important way is to always look for the user reviews and ratings given at the bottom of each app on the Google Play Store. It is going to give you a clearer idea of the pros and cons of each app. However, before you begin your research, just make sure that your device is connected to a robust, and high-speed internet connection like CenturyLink internet. It would help you to enjoy continuous, uninterrupted browsing without any lagging. For more details about CenturyLink internet, please feel free to call at CenturyLink customer services helpline. They will make sure to provide you with the best internet plans as per your needs and specifications.

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