Viktor Strobovski

Viktor Strobovski
Viktor Strobovski

Viktor Strobovski is the primary character in Advanced Education: Education with Viktor, and the main character of the game. As the host of the Puss Modes and the Christmas Curse event, he is the first math teacher to only teach his students. A general rule of thumb is that he is an antagonist, yet on occasion he takes on the role of a protagonist.

The other Tarwill members are Tiara and Dubory, who remain alive. As long as his mask remains undamaged, his shape-shifting power allows him to morph into whatever he desires, and the regenerative properties of his body enable him to sustain that form indefinitely. In order to masquerade himself as a human, he had possessed a human corpse.


While it appears to be an adult male with brown hair and dressed in blue shoes, dark brown slacks, a red shirt, and a light brown business suit, Viktor Strobovski looks visually to be an adult male with brown hair and dressed in blue shoes. His text-to-speech voice is deep and nasally, and he wears a big axe on his back. It is discovered that the black-and-white mask he wears all the time is his real face.

His real Tarwill form grants him increased body size and limb length. When he’s particularly enraged, his disguise may appear almost unrecognisable.

An accomplice of Andrey Fire (an AEwVS Discord user) provided Viktor Strobovski with a new sprite in Alpha 0.27. It has not yet been decided whether or not the sprite of Viktor’s evil form would be included in the main game, though, as it was cancelled before the project could be completed due to the user being banned from the server.


An interesting side note: A good percentage of his existing powers are a result of his Tarwill bloodline.

While he is instructing, Viktor uses his full might only when he dons a disguise of flesh over his body.

Powerful Strength: As seen previously, Viktor has shown exceptional strength, such as his ability to shatter metal doors with only a few swings of his axe, hold Marzia in place indefinitely, and he was also able to break down metal doors without any help in his true form.

Regeneration: If Viktor only has his mask left, he may totally regenerate his entire body over and over again by growing new tissues from the mask.

Defensive Form: Viktor may withdraw his body into his mask to shield it from harm if he feels threatened or becomes unconscious.

Mass Generation: Viktor is able to manufacture a completely new bodily mass at will, unlike most tarwills.


In the pre-0.6.b Alpha, Viktor appears in a long corridor to explain the game’s potentially violent, abusive, noisy, and brightly lit environment. He’d then pack things and vanish into the corridor after that.

Math Level

When you enter the Math Level, you will see Viktor waiting in the welcome area to welcome you and then walk you through the rest of the level. As the protagonist uses it, a small window will emerge in the notebook to inform him what to do and how the notebook collection system works. He suggests that the protagonist meet the other characters in school, saying they’re happy to meet new people.

If the protagonist answers an example incorrectly on the first notepad, Viktor will be cursed. The faculty will soon be out. Viktor will then withdraw his axe and his eyes will begin to glow crimson, and he will proceed to chase the protagonist, walking slowly. Each false answer increases his pace. Viktor reaches maximum speed if the protagonist is given enough answers wrong.

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If the protagonist damages Viktor’s jacket, Viktor will pause in his pursuit of the player, berate him, and say that his jacket has been ruined. Following that, he will change into a new jacket in the backroom. Then he will return and pursue it. If he finds Angell wearing a tarwill mask, he will immediately stop in his tracks and will not move again until the protagonist releases the mask.

If Viktor comes across a neodymium magnet affixed to a door, he will stop in front of it. As a last resort, he will begin attacking the door with his axe. It will be ripped off its hinges and sent to the ground, which will give Viktor free rein.

As the protagonist collects a specific number of notebooks, Viktor will state that he is going to start walking extremely quietly, adding that “it will be fun.” Viktor can not be heard when he is strolling silently. Without windows, it’s difficult to know where Viktor is. Everything else will go as usual.

When the protagonist finally gets the tenth notepad, Viktor will stop in his steps and congratulate the protagonist. When the protagonist finally discovers the last notebook, he remarks that it will be the most difficult example they’ve ever seen. From that point onward, he will speed up the protagonist’s pursuit. Viktor will turn good again and help her to reach the exit if the protagonist succeeds in getting the eleventh notebook and not getting caught. The heroine will discover Viktor, who’s behind her, will announce that the mission is far from finished, and that they will be moved to the next floor to study another subject.

Language Level

When you see Viktor in the Language Level, you’ll find some melon peels and other garbage stored in a little chamber next to him. Whether or not the protagonist collects language notebooks is entirely the protagonist’s choice. Viktor will renew his pursuit of her and cause her to be pursued by two teachers at once. If all 10 math notebooks are gathered, Viktor will praise them. Viktor will block Marzia from reaching the last chase and keep her from reaching the elevator while the player types in the codes to the elevator.

Puss Modes

Viktor will accompany the protagonist around the school, rather than just remain in the same location. A separate screen will display a picture of him and state how he instructs players to utilise notebooks in a way that is considerably more condescending. Viktor will not allow erroneous answers, therefore if the player tries to enter one, he will let them attempt it again. There are five additional questions, and they are no longer out of reach. Even once the first notebook is found, the school appears to be unsecured; only Viktor continues to trail you. When players ultimately get ten notebooks, Viktor will commend them on this accomplishment, and then advise them to leave his classroom and play the game for real.

Again, this is happening on the Language Level, since Marzia seems to be occupied and is unable to teach at the moment. Viktor can not and will not stop the protagonist from responding to any language notebooks with any inaccurate responses. Regardless of what the protagonist does, he will depart after acquiring the tenth language notebook.

Christmas Curse DLC

Viktor will emerge soon in the welcome room as he begins the event. When a new player comes to the game, he will greet them and say, “Go chat to someone else. I have to get back to work. ” Then he will head back to the kitchen. Until the gifts have been wrapped, he will stay in the mansion. He’ll tell everyone to head to the cafeteria, where it will be nice and quiet so that he can speak with everybody afterwards. Finally, everyone heads to the table and takes their places. Viktor will sit at the head of the table.

Once everyone has found their seats, Viktor will offer a brief statement on the year. It’ll be a matter of when, not if, something happens before he is finished speaking.

If the protagonist has not closed all 10 cracks prior to the bells chiming, the curse will commence. As the bells toll, every texture will get less saturated and the chamber will turn blood crimson for each toll. During this, Viktor will go inside the kitchen. Everyone in the faculty will vanish just before the final toll. A decorative element will also disappear.

Viktor will eventually burst through the kitchen door, roaring and charging at the protagonist. He will only attack the protagonist if he comes close enough to impale him with his arm or run into a wall. If he stabs the protagonist, the protagonist will drop unexpectedly and stab Viktor as he falls. She will then be back in the living room, but everything else, such as doors being destroyed and the states of every item and crack, will persist. This will happen until the protagonist fills every crack with silver ingots. When every crack is filled, Viktor will fall from the hole and his mask will be left behind. The Watcher will no longer remind the protagonist of the cracks. Once the protagonist finishes Viktor and exits the room, the bells will toll, and Viktor will then appear from the mask again, his eyes crimson, his mouth foamy, and his mask ornamented with black lines. The bell tolls one final time before Viktor passes the protagonist. The bell tolls once again before Viktor passes the protagonist. He will regenerate from his mask and, looking sheepishly at the protagonist, ask him if he wants some tea.

The accurser yells in the background to signal that the curse has been totally eliminated, if the protagonist has closed all the cracks previously. He will state, “We succeeded. In short, you did it. Thanks. ” He seems to have previously known of the curse’s effect. If the protagonist says anything about her costume, the ending will split again. Viktor will explain that both Viktor and the protagonist will look splendid in their new costumes, and both will hand out gifts to one another. Viktor will go straight to the Present Room if the protagonist says the costume is bad. After a short while, he would approach, hand out presents to everyone, except for Phonty (who presumably can’t use them), and conclude by stating that she didn’t anticipate this from him, proceeding to open the false present. If the heroine had mentioned the costume was nice, she would seem upset because of Viktor’s next prank and then some way would bring out the real outfit. She will then receive the actual one, and open it. The pillow cushion will actually turn out to be a representation of Jenny Wakeman, and she will thank Viktor. In the midst of Viktor’s prank, the protagonist would get greatly irritated and rage about him revealing the present was only a paper with “Perv =D >:D” printed on it. She will then storm out, prompting Laura to call him out. Viktor will then leave the Dining Room and bring Erie back to the table, where he gives her the true present once she reenters the Present Room. Regardless of the ending, Viktor will wish “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone”

Phonty telling Viktor to quit upsetting her can initiate a Bad Ending. He will grouse about him, stating “Completely dumb. Idiot! “


  • The voice of Viktor is deep and distinctly American, as heard via https://fromtexttospeech.com/and recorded in Audacity.
  • It was once believed that Viktor’s axe was a slicing maul.
  • Viktor Strobovski’s name was formed in a completely random manner, and the intention was to make it simple to search for.
  • To be clear, Viktor will kill the player if they fail to answer all of the math notebook problems in time. Due to this, she becomes more vulnerable to Mr. Mix, and also, since the game does not freeze when she is on the quiz screen, she is open to attack by other hostile characters, such as the teacher, Mr. Mix.
  • Viktor’s statements frequently reflect popular internet memes.
  • Ben Drowned may be an allusion to Viktor’s statement, “You should not have done that.”
  • An expression used by Viktor long ago, “You must do it. Just do it “speech given by Muhammad Ali when he accepted his 1967 Light Heavyweight Championship fight against Chuck Wepner ” A Shia LaBeouf meme.
  • This outfit that Viktor is wearing is a grey-colored Ronald McDonald, who is thought to be inspired by one of the Mugen characters, either Shadow Ronald or Dark Ronald.
  • Some of the animations used in Viktor’s jumpscare sprite are based on images related to SCP-1875 (though this image has now been removed from the article).
  • Viktor is lousy at arithmetic, but he’s the math teacher. Anything more advanced than ordinary mathematics.

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