What should you know when choosing Power Tools?

Power Tools
Power Tools

Are you going to buy your first power tool? You need to be properly prepared. This thing is mainly bought for a specific purpose, such as the upcoming repair or re-equipment of the workshop. Experts in this business recommend not to hurry and to make in advance a list of works which should be done with the help of Power Tools, because only this way you will get exactly that set of functions and modes that you need. In addition, it will allow you to save money. It is convenient to choose the required product in DealerShop and get acquainted with the characteristics of the items you like.

The purpose – one of the main selection criteria

It is clear what you may need a drill or rotary hammer for (at least in general terms). But the difference between a wrench and a screwdriver can be difficult to determine. Today, there are many varieties of power tools and a lot of options for classifying them. As a rule, they are divided into four large groups according to their purpose:

  1. Drilling – designed for drilling holes, threading, screwing fasteners. This group includes screwdrivers, rotary hammers, drills, wrenches and thread cutters.
  2. Abrasive – they are usually used for planing, grinding or milling. These include angle grinder (grinder), floor saws, sanding tools, planers.
  3. Cutting – the devices in this group are designed for cutting and sawing, this includes jigsaws, saws, hacksaws.
  4. Auxiliary – these are all accessories that can make up for the missing functions of the main tool, such as construction vacuum cleaners or dryers.

There are also universal power tools, which are considered to be multifunctional. They are not able to act as a full replacement for specialized articles, but they serve as good helpers. Most often, they do certain types of work, which are poorly handled by the basic tool.

Key characteristics

Almost every type of power tool has its own unique set of characteristics that indicate its performance and other parameters. You can choose a suitable model of the device only after you have determined the characteristics that are more important in your situation:

  1. Power – this parameter should be taken into account due to the fact that it is necessary to know what the load will be on the power grid. This is required when using the tool in places where the power grid is old, or when you use a low wattage household generator. This criterion is considered solely in this context.
  2. Battery capacity – battery models that provide the ability to work autonomously are particularly remarkable among the products under consideration. The mentioned parameter determines the period of continuous operation.
  3. Weight – sometimes there are situations where the weight directly affects the performance. But if we consider an ordinary hand tool, weight plays no small part in the comfort aspect of your work.

Other things you might need are the smoothness of the start, the number of revolutions, the impact force, and the torque. One of the important indicators for drills and perforators is the drilling diameter.

What else should you pay attention to?

Professionals recommend considering operating limitations, especially the temperature range, humidity, dust protection, and noise. In some cases, continuous operation time is also important. The operating mode to be used determines this. It is necessary to avoid overloading the tool. Consider your needs and how long you intend to work with the tool.

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