What to Look for in Apps for Money Transfers

Money Transfers
Money Transfers

Using an app to transfer money is now one of the most preferred ways for people to send money overseas. Apps are now available across the world to help the over 180 million migrants sending money to families overseas.

With so much money being transferred at any given point in time, it’s important to use an app that is specifically designed to help people transfer funds to loved ones. By using an app for international money transfers, you can rest assured your money is secure and will get to your loved ones in an emergency.

Below are some of the things to look for when choosing a wire transfer app.

Read Reviews

Did you know that around 93% of people read reviews of a product online before actually purchasing the product? Reading reviews allow people to know the benefits of a product, as well as build trust in a product. These reviews also allow you to answer important questions about money transfers.

For instance, did people doing the money transfers have a hard time getting through to their loved ones? Did they have a hard time getting all of their money through because of hidden fees? Looking at reviews before purchasing or using an online app gives you the power to be prepared and use only the most trusted apps.

Look for Apps With Easy Tracking

Many apps allow you to track your funds using an assigned pin or tracking number. Why is tracking important? Tracking numbers allow you to know how much money you sent, the time frame of when you sent it, and how long it takes to get over to your loved one. These tracking numbers make it easy to document any funds you have sent to loved ones and share that information with them as well.

Tracking numbers can be used on mobile apps, so you can track your funds wherever you might be. Make sure to look for an app that can easily be installed on your phone and is compatible with your device.

Look for Apps with Store Options

Although you might be comfortable sending money online, your loved ones overseas might not have the ability to use online services to get money, or they might prefer to stop into a traditional store to pick up their funds in cash. If this is the case, look for an app that has associated stores and pick-up locations around the world.

Most wire transfer services, such as MoneyGram or Western Union, will have established pick-up locations around the world. However, the same cannot be said of apps used to transfer money across the world. For these apps, make sure to check ahead of time if your loved one has access to a pick-up location.

Unfortunately, if a pick-up location is too far from your loved one, it’s best to find another app or wire transfer service with pick-up options closer to home. Remember that once cash is picked up, your loved one will need to pick up the cash and take it with them to their home. This added danger is why it’s important to choose a pickup location close to home.

Look for Apps That Serve Your Country

Whether you’re sending money to South America, Europe, or Asia, you’ll need to find an app that provides services to that part of the world where you want to send money to. Look at the app for money transfers or the wire transfer service and double-check that the area where you want to send money is eligible for funds.

Fortunately, many well-established apps now give people the ability to send money to a wide range of areas. If you’re unsure what areas are served, contact the app’s customer support team for more information. If your loved ones live in a remote area, make sure to mention this as well. The app’s customer care team will get you the information you need so you can send money with peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Apps are some of the most useful tools, and they can now be used to send money overseas. Keep these pointers in mind when choosing an app to send money online.

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