Why Are Car Manufacturers Using Different Paint Codes and Where to Find Info About Them


If you are a car owner, you have to know about your car tons of things. How much fuel does it consume? Which type of refrigerant does it work with? Where are branded service stations located? This is just the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it?

Well, how about the color of your car? Do you know for sure? Yet, that information can come in handy in several situations. Do you know that each vehicle has its own paint code that distinguishes its color and is provided by a manufacturer? Then, do you know that even conventional car paints like black, white, red, or metallic are different in various car brands? That is why you should expand your knowledge and get through the matter of the paint codes. Let’s talk about it in detail now.

Main Reasons Why Manufacturers Use Different Paint Codes for Autos

Firstly, the task of auto manufacturers is to create a car that will differ from competitors, and only for the better. This applies to many things, from interior ergonomics and exclusive design to corporate colors in which this or that car model is available.

The second reason is the choice of car enamels and paints. Automotive concerns use the products of reliable and proven brands of paint and varnish products, and to determine in the future which paints and enamels should be used for repairs, they use paint codes.

And, of course, a unified paint code system is simply convenient, not only for the manufacturer but also for service station representatives and car owners themselves.

When Are Paint Codes Required

You may have no idea which paint code your car is painted in for years. Yet it may happen once that you will be asked that question at the service stations. The main reasons to get through the paint codes are as follows:

  • Your car was damaged in a car accident, and its paint covering is damaged as well. That is crucial, to restore it. Yet, without an accurate definition of the paint code, mechanics will do nothing to repaint it. Even a tiny difference in color shade will spoil the whole impression of your car’s look.
  • With time, even the most durable enamels and paints tend to fade. They suffer from UV rays and become not as bright as from the very start. If you want your car to look tip-top, you may need to repaint it. And paint code is a must for it.

Where to Find Information About the Paint Code of Your Car

As usual, manufacturers indicate the paint code of the car somewhere in its body. Generally, that information is indicated on the driver’s door. Some car owners try to get it by exploring the VIN code, but that is a daunting task as the information about the paint code is not available in the VIN code.

One more idea on where to find the paint code of your car is to refer to a professional repainting service. Specialists know exactly all the paint code palettes of the most popular car models and brands. Besides, there are also convenient online services which help define the paint code. You can use one of them, for example, paintedautobodyparts.com. Just enter the Paint Code Locator web page and select the brand of your car. There will be indicated main information about paint codes. Besides, you can get painting services for your car or buy painted car body parts right there on the website. That is a godsend for car owners who have no idea about which paint is used to cover their autos.

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