5 Pest Prevention Tips for 2022

Pest Prevention
Pest Prevention

Preventing pests from entering a dwelling is the best approach to take. It usually works out less expensive to stop an infestation in the first place. There are some useful tips to prevent pest problems. These tips are an important part of pest control approaches.

1.    Clean Often

One of the first steps is to keep your house clean. Clean environments make it easy to spot trouble and sometimes may even repel pests.

Floors should be mopped often and carpets vacuumed regularly. Cleaning up any mess that might happen is important. Clean up any spilled food or drink as soon as possible to avoid attracting pests.

Do not let dirty dishes stand for too long. Dirty, food-encrusted plates are unhygienic and not only become full of bacteria but are very attractive to pests like flies, cockroaches, ants, and rodents.

2.    Seal Openings and Cracks

Stopping insects and rodents from getting into your house is important because once you have an infestation it can be difficult to get rid of the pest. To try to stop entry into a building you need to inspect the house for any signs of openings or cracks.

Take particular note of cracks or holes between the floor and foundation and between the ceiling and walls. Rats and mice, in particular, get into houses through openings in these areas.

You can use mosquito netting on windows and doors to stop mosquitoes from flying inside. Weatherstripping around doors and windows can also help stop small bugs from getting into your house.

 3.    Place Items in Sealed Containers and Avoid Clutter

Food left out on counters and plates acts to attract pests into your kitchen. Do not leave fruit out for too long either because this will attract fruit flies and other insects.

Other household items, including clothing, need to be properly put away in closets or other containers. Avoid accumulating clutter and hoarding materials.

A cluttered house with too much stuff is hard to keep clean and it quickly attracts pests like cockroaches, ants, silverfish, and rodents. You also may not notice you have a pest problem if you have too much stuff, making it more likely you end up with a large infestation.

4.    Dispose of Rubbish Properly

Rubbish can build up quickly and needs to be disposed of properly to prevent attracting pests like insects or rodents. Place all the rubbish in properly sealed containers like bins that can close completely. Store rubbish outside quite far away from the house in sealed bins if possible.

5.    Clean up Leaks

Leaking taps and pipes provide a good source of water for bugs, mice, and rats. This is also why you find these pest animals in kitchens and bathrooms around and near the plumbing. Leaks also increase the humidity and cause harmful mold to develop in your house.

By following these pest prevention tips you can avoid having to deal with major pest infestations in your house or any other building.

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