Americanization of the nuclear submarine: a US company wants to buy out Leeds

Recently, English clubs have been very popular in the market. In October, a Saudi investment fund acquired Newcastle. In November, Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky bought out a 27% stake in West Ham. Next in line is Leeds. This is a club with a rich history and a large army of fans. “White” will always be in sight and hearing, regardless of the team’s performance. And then there is the figure of Marcelo Bielsa, which attracts additional attention.

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Leeds’ main shareholder is now Italian businessman Andrea Radrizzani. He is the chairman of the board of Aser Ventures, which invests in sports, technology and media projects. In early 2017, Radrizzani acquired 50% of Leeds from another Italian, Massimo Cellino, who is now the owner of Brescia. In May of the same year, Andrea bought the club from his compatriot, who at that time was suspended from football activities for 18 months.

The purchase of Leeds cost Radrizzani £ 45 million. However, the Italian was not for long the sole owner of the “whites”. In 2018, he sold a 10% stake in the American company 49ers Enterprises. They gradually increased their presence and influence on Elland Road. The parties have concluded several deals and by now 49ers Enterprises already owns 44% of the shares of the English club. According to the latest news, by 2024, Americans want to become full-fledged owners of “peacocks”.

49ers Enterprises is a fairly well-known company in the USA. Its headquarters are located in Silicon Valley (San Francisco, California). There are also the head offices of other well-known companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook. 49ers Enterprises is owned by Denise Debartolo-York, daughter of construction magnate Edward Debartolo. The woman is now 71 years old. Since 1977, her family has owned the NFL San Francisco Forty Niners. Denise has been running the club since 2001. The San Francisco Forty Niners franchise is estimated at $ 3.5 billion, and the Debartolo family’s fortune at $ 4 billion.

It is difficult to say how things will go for them in Europe and, moreover, in the Premier League, where the fans are too demanding. Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool also have American owners, but perhaps only the Merseysides have good management. If 49ers Enterprises has money, good, but not enough. You also need to love football. In England, there is no way without it.

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