What are your ambitions and aspirations? If you’re a seasoned esports gambler or just starting with 22Bet sportsbook , you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of sports-related wagering tips here, as well as some fundamental strategies that may be used in any of your favorite games.

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  • Don’t take any chances.

We know it seems ridiculous, but we’ve been there, and we know that the vast numbers are the most appealing. You don’t have to be a gambler to have fun, but don’t bet on things that make you sick or are impossible to win. Wait until you’ve built up your bankroll and are betting with a surplus before trying this. As you gain experience betting, you’ll be better able to assess the risks associated with your wagers.

  • Do your research

Most people who make money betting on eSports do so after putting in a lot of time studying, watching, or playing their favorite game (s). Some competitive games and esports contests are simpler to learn, comprehend, and wager on than others.

  • Pay yourself two salaries.

In most cases, you’ll put money into a “Real Money Balance” when you wager online. You may find it tough to manage your bankroll if you begin to use more complicated tactics and various websites when you first start. Even though it’s not a must to utilize numerous sites, and a basic spreadsheet would do, going further and setting a separate account for betting money might be an absolute lifesaver.

We’re not advocating that you open a second bank account just for gambling, but your betting account should be kept distinct from your main direct debit account. This makes it simple for you to keep tabs on your purchases, winnings, losses, and cashouts. A credit or an overdraft account is typically discouraged since gambling on funds that aren’t your own is a significant red flag and maybe an indication that you should put your money where your mouth is!

  • Sheets should be kept.

Keeping track of your bets may be as challenging as keeping track of your finances when using multiple bet tactics, such as Percentage Staking. To keep track of their overall bankroll, bets, and associated odds, as well as daily losses and winnings, most die-hard punters use spreadsheets or tables. If you are interested in a more comprehensive strategy, such as matched betting or arbitrage, this will allow you to track it more easily.

  • Do your research

Researching your bets essentially means obtaining the most refined available information on your selected rivals and games and then using these esports betting statistics to boost the probability and predictability of future results. To gather information on your competitors, you may use various tactics and resources available to you.

While study and analysis will not enable you to forecast the future, they will help you improve your eSports betting predictions and find wagers that provide the most value.

  • Play in the Promotion Tournament

Advanced players are more likely to use it. These special discounts are often published before and run throughout tournaments before they begin for popular competitive games. Due to the low-risk nature of this form of play, novices like it for practice, but they seldom win from tournament promotions because of the stringent “wagered conditions” that come along with the promised “free bet” / “bonus balance.”

If your bonus balance exceeds ten times your original deposit throughout the tournament’s length, the sum will roll over into your “real money balance,” from which you may withdraw it.

  • Creating your methods of success

Identifying your talents and shortcomings can help you design your methods. For example, what markets do you favor, and what sorts of bets have you had tremendous success with in the past??

In terms of wagering, some favor pre-match betting, while others prefer live wagering. This choice and your favorite game(s) will influence the betting markets you choose. For example, you might gamble on point spreads, round victories, or the player kills, for example.

A plan is as essential as studying and wagering just on one competition or as complex as jumping between bookmakers to obtain the best odds. Only use proven methods that have worked for you on a regular basis.

  • Profitable wagering

This strategy will work for you if you can find bets that your bookmaker overlooks. According to your calculations, you may identify a value bet if, according to your estimates, a bookmaker’s odds do not adequately reflect a favorable result, and the offered odds are therefore advantageous.

Not all value bets are worth taking, but your skill to recognize them may boost your future return or expose flaws in the database of the bookie you’ve selected to bet with.

Wrapping up,

Regardless of your level of eSports knowledge, we hope that this advice and guidance will help you improve your game and increase your confidence when placing bets.

In the end, your bets must be well studied and follow rigorous rules so that you don’t end up recklessly wasting money. As long as you don’t become too cocky, you may one day win as big as your favourite rivals.


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