Bad Food Combinations

Bad Food Combinations
Bad Food Combinations

You may be wondering what the meaning of bad food combinations is. This could be a reality a little too bitter to accept.

Well, let’s start off by understanding what food combination entails:                                 

It is common amongst many families to prepare meals by mixing healthy and nutritious foods in a single meal.

However, the common trend is slowly fading away.

There is a new emerging trend where families separate their foods into different food groups and pick which foods to combine into a wholesome meal.

This new trend is known as food combination.

                                            Different food groups

According to this trend, there are three major food groups. These are:

  • carbohydrates
  • fats 
  • proteins 

These foods are believed to be digested at the optimal level when eaten separately. 

The purpose of this article is to break down the nitty-gritty of food combinations laying the main focus on bad food combinations.

                                                The History of food combinations

It is rooted in the practices of the ancient Indian communities.

These practices were commonly referred to as Ayurvedic Medicine.

These practices group foods according to their taste, energy and effects after digestion.

Later in the 1920s, William Hat advanced this perspective by expanding it on a medical angle.

He came up with the Hay Diet that gave specific guidelines on food combinations that would assist in the achievement of optimal health.

What is a bad food combination?

From the above definition, it is the mixing of foods that are best not consumed concurrently.

Such combinations may result in digestive problems.

Types of bad food combinations

Below is a list of 30 foods which if mixed make up an incompatible combination

  1. Soda and Pizza

This combination is the absolute definition of unhealthy.

It is high in fructose corn syrup and refined carbs.

As a result, you end up feeling false hunger pangs leading to over-eating, hence obesity

2. White bread and jam

This is a bad food combination mainly because it is a combination of high sugars.

3. Salad and low-fat dressing

Recent research proves that such a combination denies your body the chance to maximize the nutrients in the salad.

Such nutrients include carotene and vitamins which are very essential to the body.

4. Chips and salsa

This is a bad food combination mostly because it leads you into overeating.

The chips increase your salt craving while the salsa,though very healthy in nature, lacks the proteins that would enhance your feeling of satiety.

5. Wine with dessert

This is unhealthy because of its high sugar contents.

The wine and the cake has lots of sugar which is very dangerous for your health in that it increases insulin levels in your body.

6. Iron -rich foods combined with coffee

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid which prohibite the absorption of iron thus increasing your chances of becoming anaemic.

Coffee should be taken one hour before food consumption and not after.

7. Cereal and orange juice

This breakfast combination is a bad food combination because the orange juice contains acids that hinder the digestion of starch present in the cereals..

8. Yorgut with berries

This combo is ineffective because it may cause serious indigestion problems.

Additionally, it could also interefere with the necessary bacteria in your throat.

9. Fruits with meals

This is unhealthy because it can lead to bloating and constipation.

The fruit when eaten with meals is heald up in the digestive track by the fats in the foods.

The fruit may end up fermenting the foods you have eaten hence causing serious stomach problems.

10. Protein on Protein

Combining various proteins in one meal is not a healthy way of eating.

This is because such a meal will be excessively high in energy.

Excess energy will be broken down and stored in the body as fats.

11. Fried foods with starchy cabohdrates

Such a mix is very unhealthy since it increases your chances of developing Diabetic Exchange USA.

Attractive as it may be, the meal has such grevious effects such as clogging of ateries.

12. Deli meats and salads

Combining deli meats with salads increases your chances of developin gatric cancer.

It is therefore categorized as a bad food combination.

13. Water combined with food

Taking water together with meals can lead to bloating and other diestion problems.

This is because the stomach is highly acidic and therefore makes use of the hydrochloric acid to digest foods.

Excessive water consumption will interefere with the conc acid in the stomach thus interefere with digestion.

14. Meat with Carbs

Both meat and carbs need to be digested differently in the stomach.

Additionally, they both need different enzymes for digestion.

Combining them would mean that they do not get digested properly leading to digestion problems such as acid reflux.

15. Butter and fried oil

Such is a bad combination because it is highly saturated with fats and therefore increase the chances of you suffering a heart attack.

Other bad combinations include:

  1. Sweets with alcohol: Alcohol will convert the sugar in the sweets into saturated fats which accumulation can lead to overweight and obesity.
  2. Juice and Dalia: This is a bad food combination because it contributes to drastic sugar level changes which can cause diabetes.
  3. Eggs with fried meat: Such a combination may cause digestion problems and bloating because they take a lot of time before fully digested.
  4. Cheese and beans: If you do not want the struggling of being gassy and bloated, this bad food combination is a no-go zone.
  5. Fries and burgers: Being deep-fried foods they have the effect of lowering your blood sugar. As a result, you may end up feeling lethargic and tired.
  6. Processed juices and pizza: The high sugar levels of the processed juices combined with the excess starch and proteins in the pizza slows down digestion.
  7. Any fruits with yoghurt: The bad food combination can lead to the development of allergies. This is because the acid in the fruits and the proteins in the yoghurt does not work well together.
  8. Banana and milk: This combo causes you to have feelings of lethargy as you struggle to keep your brain on its toes. This is because it gives you a feeling of heaviness after consumption.
  9. Fruits after meals: Just as when fruits are taken with meals, taking fruits after meals can cause fermentation which will lead to bloating and acid reflux.
  10. Water immediately after meals: This has the same effect as when meals are accompanied by water. Dilution of the acids in the stomach can lead to indigestion hence stomach problems.
  11. Aloo fry with mutton curry: Such is a bad food combination because the level of fibre in the food is very minimal. This means that the chances of suffering indigestion are very high.
  12. Aerated drinks and mint: If you would not like to experience excessive bloating and gas, this food combination should be avoided at all lengths.
  13. Nuts and olive oil: While nuts are rich in proteins, olive oil is rich in fats. Therefore, if taken together, the combination can cause serious indigestion problems.
  14. Orange juice and bread or cake: Orange juice is rich in acids whereas bread is rich in starch. The acid in orange juice might make it difficult to digest the starch in the cake or bread leading to indigestion problems.
  15. Mutton and prawns: Though cooked separately, indulging in such a combination may lead you to suffer great indigestion problems. This is especially so because the proteins take a very long time to digest.


Food combination is a very sensitive topic. 

This is because everybody has a different body type which may react differently to certain food combinations. For example, if you have hemorrhoids, you should know to avoid caffeine, bananas, and large amounts of red meat or dairy products, and always have your hemorrhoid cream by your side.

However, it is paramount to have in mind the different types of food combinations. 

As much as you should listen to your body and respond to how it reacts to certain combinations, it is necessary to have a guide on which combination to stay wary of. 

It is important to ensure that the food combination you choose to indulge in encourage digestion,moreso quick digestion. 

Some people have come up with hacks to digestion such as eating fruits or vegetables 30 minutes before indulging in roast meat or deep-fried foods. 

What is important is to identify things that enhance your digestion and use them in the right manner. 

Apart from digestion problems, other problems may arise as a result of bad food combinations. Such problems are largely health problems.

Too much sugar intake can lead to diabetes whereas reckless combinations of foods can contribute to chronic diseases such as gastric cancer or colon cancer.

 Some food combinations date back in our histories but if they are dangerous for your health, it is necessary to drop them. 

As mentioned earlier, decisions on healthy living are the most difficult and testing decisions you could ever make. 

However, if your health and well being is on the line, then you should not hesitate but make the changes as soon as possible.


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