Best Ways To Celebrate Diwali This Year With Kids


Diwali is striking on the 24th of October this year. Many have started plans to celebrate a healthier, safer, greener Diwali with the kids or their families. Diwali is celebrated to welcome in the new year. The best practice to celebrate the festival is cleaning the house, decorating the house with candles and diyas, Doing Lakshmi puja, and distributing Gifts to colleagues, friends, families, or kids.

Kids are the little members of your family who always excites before any occasion. They always wait for crackers, lights, sweets, new clothes, and more. This gives a gap in their homework. Every member of the family tries every bit to keep the kids happy.

So, if you are also searching for the best ways to celebrate this Diwali with your little champs, get ideas from here. Believe me; it will help you capture the moments for years.

Top 6 Best Ways To Celebrate Diwali With Kids

There are many ways by which you can celebrate Diwali with fun and happiness. Look at the following points to engage and impress your kids on Diwali;-

1] Preparing Sweets Together

You can make your kids engaged by preparing their favourite sweets in the kitchen like Gulab Jamun, Rasgulas, Sonpadi, and more. It would give a lesson about working together with dignity and also get basic knowledge of sweets to be prepared.

This decision is only taken because if you go to markets during Diwali, long rush and lines irritate you and your kids. So, prepare together, and children will surely love to be involved in your cooking.

2] Get The New Clothes

New clothes are being loved by every child. All the kids want new clothes on every occasion. Whether you have a girl child or a boy child, there is a huge collection of Diwali collections on online shopping sites or local markets. You also get various discounts and offers during this season so that more clothes can be purchased. You have to see the ratings, price comparison, and many more factors if you go on online shopping for kids’ clothes.

On Diwali day, wearing new clothes and worshipping goddesses Lakshmi and Ganesha will give religious feelings to children. Afterward, they will love to celebrate this festival with their friends and families by burning crackers, making rangolis, and more.

3] Light Lanterns Naturally With Paint

Another unique way to celebrate the Diwali session with toddlers and little champs is to tell them to decorate lanterns made with paper and diyas with paint colours to make them more attractive. This will give them crafting ideas and enjoy the evening with their siblings and families.

It includes various items to make a natural lantern, such as paper, glue, scissors, and rulers. Also, artificial jewels add extra beauty to your kids’ decorations. You can easily get all these items in local markets.

Additionally, the kids can light the Diwali Candle during the evening, which comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours.

4] Make Your House Sparkles With Lights

Make your house decorative with diyas, candles, led lights, and more. This is the main theme for celebrating Diwali, where you give up all sorrow and start a new beginning by lighting diyas.

Make your kids engage in lightning with diyas and candles so that they would enjoy the evening and know the culture and tradition running from behind their ancestors.

5] Try Rangoli With Kids

Rangolis making is another best idea to celebrate this Diwali and every year. You can engage your kids with beautiful flowering combinations of artificial paints and flowers. Along with these items, you can use natural ingredients to add more designs beautifully.

These rangolis also symbolise the arrival of goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha into your house, who brings with them prosperity, love, and good luck.

So celebrate traditionally with your kids this Diwali and make yourself and your house charming.

6] Say Kids To Decorate Diyas

Decorating ideas is also the best way to celebrate the lights festival with the kids. You know that every kid is fond of painting in their free time. Make your kids decorate diyas with paints to give a gorgeous look when lighting up your house.

Diyas come in different shapes and sizes, and accordingly, your kids decorate to give them a special look. Also, artificial beads and stones add more beauty to their crafts.


Kids are the best gifts given by God to every parent. So, try every bit to bring smiles to their faces. Not only does celebrating Diwali with gifts make them happy, but your presence also adds glory to their faces.

There are other ways too where you can celebrate this Diwali with your kids. Select and practice the best way to celebrate a safer, happier, and greener Diwali this year.

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