Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

For over 20 years, America’s had a full-on fascination with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston relationship—from their status as America’s golden couple to their breakup and relationships with other people to their new status as friends who seem to get along just fine, thank you very much.

Our mutual excitement was reignited during the 2020 awards season when Pitt and Aniston crossed paths at the Golden Globes and SAG awards, where they both were nominated—he for Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood and she for The Morning Show. We all essentially lost our minds when we saw them hug backstage, but how did we get here?

Let’s look at the amazing moments from when things started in the 1990s until now.


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston The story starts. Two more well-known figures in the late 90’s than Pitt and Aniston will be difficult to find. He was a magnificent movie star, and after being overwhelms with super success for her Rachel’s Mates, she was America’s sweetheart. About 30,000,000 people watched Aniston show every week in the world before a million networks and streaming services. But it was a huge deal when these two came together.

They were set up by their agents in Hollywood fashion and Aniston told Diane Sawyer from that moment. It was a finished deal. “On our first day, we both [knew],” she said, on a weekly basis. 1999: By 1999, Emmys started to fuel the frenzy of the populace by hitting the red tapes together. At a Sting concert, you even got together on the stage.

29 July 2000:

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston In a big wedding in the village of Malibu, Brad and Jen say “I do” in an attempt to catch helicopters at all times. The couple then published a pictorial photograph in black and white. “We wanted it to remain exclusive. Hold our own,” Pitt said later. There have been two hundred people, fifty thousand roses, four bands and a gospel chair. In addition to celebrants like Cameron Diaz, Edward Norton and his then friend Salt Hayek, Friends stars include Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc.

January 7, 2005:

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. And the fairy tale, like that, is over: “We want to announce that we have agreed to divorce officially, after seven years together. We would like to clarify to those who have been watching these kinds of stuff that our split is not the product of any rumors on tabloids. This decision is the product of much consideration,” Pitt and Aniston then told people in a joint statement. “We remain glad with great love and respect one for another, devoted and loving friends. In the next few months, we are asking you to be kind and sensitive in advance.

The Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston age of Brangelina starts in April and May 2005. In 2004, Mr. and Mrs. Smith had already filmed with Angelina Jolie and their relations with them soon became a subject in the news. With Jolie and her young son Maddox, he was soon photographed sparking rumors in Kenya. Both actors have appeared in a “Domestic Bliss” photo shoot for W where they depicted a stable family life.

September 2005:

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston appears and presents one of the most famous interviews on the cover of the Vanity Fair. “It was very hurtful for Jen to see him as soon as they were separated with another woman,” her friend Andrea Bendewald told the story.

Aniston said about the allegation that not having a child was a split. “A man who divorced would never be accused of choosing a career over children.” “It pissed me off, really. I never said I wouldn’t have children in my life. I’ve done and I do and I’m going to! The inspirational women are those with profession and childhood; why do I want to limit myself? I still wanted kids and I’d never give up this career experience. I want to have everything.”

She said, “Is it weird timing about the W-shooting? Yeah, yes. Yes. Yet my life isn’t. His decisions are made. He can do something. Lost.” Missing.” She then uttered the famous line, “There is a sensitivity-chip which is missing.” We are divorced and you can see why.

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October 2005:

Divorce is complete between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

December 2008:

Aniston gives an interview to Vogue this time on Jolie and Pitt. She also discussed an interview with Vogue that Jolie gave, suggesting that she and Pitt were in love with Mr & Mrs Smith. (“I think we found that odd partnership and partnership suddenly that kind of thing happened. I think I realized a couple of months ago ‘God, I can’t wait to work,’” said Jolie.)

“Stuff was printed there definitely since I didn’t know it was,” Aniston told Vogue of Jolie’s interview. “I figured those specifics were a little unsuitable to write about. How couldn’t she wait every day to get to work? It was so uncool.”

February 2019:

Pitt is attending the 50th anniversary festival of Aniston in Los Angeles, which marks the start of the “exes that now are just good friends.” Of course, people began to sail.

December 2019:

A Christmas party is hosted by Aniston and who is there, guess? I am sorry. Like a mate again. “Several times have you been in touch and keep it nice since birthday,” a source said to people, adding before. “Jen’s annual tree trimming party is always the favorite host of Jen. She loves Christmas and loves Christmas. As normal, there was a large number of friends.”

January 6, 2020:

We start our season run-ins sequence of awards. First, Golden Globes, where Pitt spoke during his approving speech: “I wanted to bring my mother, but I couldn’t because they say I’m dating any woman I stand next to.”

Entertainment Tonight asked Pitt earlier in the evening if he’d run coolly into Aniston, he replied, “I will run up in Jen. She is a good friend.” She is a good friend.” Then we learn from E! We learn from E! News of the two holding a fun afterparty encounter at Globes. “Several times they said hello,” said the source. “After Brad, Jen arrived. It was short, but [they] were very polite and cordial and seemed glad they were there. When they saw each other inside, they approached each other and looked glad as they began embracing and saying hello. Anything to Brad whispered Jen, but it wasn’t in a romantic way. They didn’t both seem to want to do anything about being in the same room together, since it was a private gathering. You wanted to get down to it. Soon after Brad left and didn’t stay long at the party.”

Pitt made a joke about marriage during his acceptance speech that Aniston chuckled at:

The photographer Emma McIntyre, who took the pictures of Pitt & Aniston at the SAGs, provided some information on people’s experiences.

She said the publication “[They were both behind the scenes] making an award-winning circuit.” “Jennifer had just signed some SAG posters and walked the press line. I had just taken some pictures of Jennifer back and forth between the two backstage areas. As I saw Brad come down the hall and I saw a photo worthy moment.” I was about to leave.

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“He called out ‘Aniston,’ she added! “She turned and kissed and thanked one another. And she turned. It was a time for two successful people at the top of the game, who remembered each other’s accomplishments and just looked pleased to see each other…. The moment was really touching, and you could feel the love between two people who knew and were both excellent

Courteney Cox, co-star of Aniston Mates, “liked” a variety of media reports about the Brad and Jen encounter. After the SAGs, the fan pandemonium reached a fever pitch with some people thinking that the Aniston and Pitt hairstyles were a sign they got back together.

Following the SAGs, the rumors were recorded that Pitt “apologized” in their relationship to Aniston for “many things”in their field 20+ years ago.” Pitt said later that hearing her backstage acceptance speech was ‘good.’

9 February 2020:

We hear from page six that the talent manager Guy Oseary’s famous after-party Oscars allegedly had an after-party run in Pitt and Aniston. “We are told there was no sizzle at this time” the paper wrote. (Pitt hilariously wore a name tag in the days prior to Oscars.) “Spies say that they haven’t hung out long, as Aniston congratulated Pitt on his win.”

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