Can You Enjoy Being Spoiled and Still Be an Independent Woman?

Independent Woman
Independent Woman

If you’re an independent woman who secretly longs to be spoiled, pampered, and treated like you’re the most enchanting being walking the earth, you’re not alone. Not only is it entirely acceptable for someone as strong and empowered as you are to like to be taken care of sometimes, but it’s also super normal.

Being independent and strong doesn’t mean going through life alone. It doesn’t mean insisting on doing absolutely everything for yourself and by yourself, either. Healthy, happy people are also balanced people, so it’s completely natural to like having things both ways. Here’s a closer look at why independent women especially crave the royal treatment from time to time.

It makes you feel seen

If there’s one thing every capable, independent woman understands all too well, it’s the crappy feeling that comes with being taken for granted far too often. People not only get used to you doing everything for them, but it simply never occurs to them that you might need or appreciate some reciprocation now and then.

When you switch from dating average men who expect to be mothered and cared for without limit to dating sugardaddies who want to take care of you for a change, it makes you feel noticed and seen. This is especially the case if your sugardaddy is good at anticipating your needs and coming up with little ways to show you how much he values you all on his own.

Fierce queens deserve to be treated like royalty

And they know it, too, even if no one else around them seems to think about it much. Boss babes and independent women are queens – royalty – and regal women deserve to be treated like royalty by the people who claim to love them. Experience even one relationship with an actual king who understands what his queen needs and deserves, and you’ll never doubt that again.

Instead of always being expected to take the lead and handle the heavy lifting in your relationship, whether you want to or not, you can find out what it’s like to be on the other side of things. You really have no idea just how badly you need a little special treatment until you finally have the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

It’s fun to be treated like a lady

It’s a common misconception that driven, empowered independent women are above the idea of finding the right man, having a family, or being spoiled a little by the right sugardaddy. Those things aren’t lesser things to want out of life, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to experience them. An independent woman believes in having her cake and eating it, too, after all.

Being with a sugardaddy who knows how to spoil you, take care of you, and see to it that you don’t want for anything gives you a chance to have the best of both worlds. You can still be Miss Independent with the big career ambitions and lofty life goals. You’ll just also be someone’s treasured, pampered lady.

It can help you meet your goals

Having someone in your life who’s willing to spoil you and take care of a few things for you won’t make you soft or ruin your competitive edge. If anything, it opens a driven woman’s world right up and makes it easier to pursue her dreams and smash her goals. Instead of handling not only her own responsibilities but everyone else’s as well, she can finally truly focus on what’s most important to her.

And not only does a sugardaddy spoil you and make you feel like a queen in your downtime, but he also actively helps you accomplish what you want to in life. He can (and likely will) help you with everything from finances, to connections, to emotional support. Really, ask any sugar baby. It’s a positively life-changing experience.

It shows you he’s serious about you

How many men have you dated who promised you the moon and never even came close to delivering? How many have been great at talking the talk but absolutely terrible at walking the walk? If you’re like most strong, independent women, it’s probably been too many to count. Don’t even get us started on the number of men who’ve likely attached themselves to you in the hopes of riding your coattails all the way to their own successful futures.

Now think about how nice it would be to have a true partner instead of an overgrown man-child who takes so much more than he gives. You’re right to want that, just as any sane woman would be. And you deserve, it, too – a sugardaddy who treats you right and shows you in no uncertain terms that he’s serious about you. Isn’t it time you stopped settling for less?

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