How to keep your car interior clean during winter


Experts say that snow, ice, or cold weather has serious effects on your vehicle, especially on the interior. These effects can make your ride on the road more difficult. You can also have issues such as Apple car play not working, blocked sensors, and camera radars that can potentially put you at risk of accidents. You need to be aware of the solutions that may prevent your car system and peripherals from getting damaged easily due to weather.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you keep your car working even in the winters;

 Keep your car clean and damage free

It is recommended by experts that you should wash your car at least every week. Start the custom cleaning from the body, take out the fender wells and hose out all the salt and dirt from the area. If you notice that your car’s water beads have become bigger than a quarter, then you may also need to apply wax to your vehicle. Wax will prevent your vehicle from attracting debris, pebbles, and salt from the roads during winter.

It is also necessary to check the pressure on your vehicle tires as underinflated tires do not ride on wet slippery roads in winter. New updated cars have an automated system that reflects the health of sensors beforehand. But even if you don’t have it, you should check the health of the safety sensors, backup camera, fenders, grills, wipers, and radar systems so you may not get into trouble.

 Prevent your vehicle from getting rust

Once your car starts getting rusty, it can seriously damage your car in the long term. Rust often occurs in the wintertime or it’s the early springtime when you notice rust formation on affected parts of the vehicle. Any area that is rusted can ruin the look and rigidity of the body and you have to spend a lot of money on changing the whole fender well for example just for the reason that some of its areas are rusted.

Here are some solutions that you can try out;

  • Inspect the undercarriage of your car. As mentioned, salt and debris can enhance the chances of rust in wintertime, therefore, you need to keep checking your vehicle’s undercarriage to see if rust formation has already started.
  • Always check all the parts of your vehicle that remain in contact with the road during your ride.
  • Inspect the bumpers and wheel wells of your car as rust starts to develop from these areas. Closely look at the area precisely where the two pieces of metals meet.
  • Dry out the water from the parts if you rode on snowy roads. Check for the bumpers, doors, hoods, and trunks if they have water on them. Water on the vehicle will not only form rust but it can also take part in chipping the paint out.

Add a snow foam layer

When you wash your car, sometimes it gets hard to remove the layer of grim and scrubbing leaves, scratches, and lines of solid scrub that will eventually lead to rust buildup. To protect your car paint layer and body from scratches, apply a snow foam layer before you wash your vehicle so it will remain protected from scratches and scars even if you apply soap on it.

 Exchange essential peripherals with reliable options

Carpets and floor mats in your car attract debris and become the reason for the smell in your car once it gets wet or snow salt. Thus, one of the options that you can opt out of is to exchange the cloth or woven carpets for plastic or rubber mats.

Keep your car covered

Many times people don’t have space in their garages to cater to more than one vehicle. If that’s the case with you and you have to keep your car outside, it is suggested to keep it covered in order to prevent it from atmospheric damage.

A car cover will not only save your car from the weather but keeps it clean from dust, snow, and debris accumulation on your car.

Keeping dashboard, plastic trim, and panels clean

Your car’s upholstery, carpets, and outer body aren’t the only thing that is prone to damage during winter. Plastic trim and panels around the frames of the door are also vulnerable to rust easily after a snow shock. The list also contains the dashboard, upfront controls, and steering wheel. It is also essential to keep these items clean to protect them from damage.


Keeping your car clean in winter can be a bit challenging. Ensure that your car doesn’t get rust and if it does, use rust cleaners and apply solutions so rust can be prevented in the future as well. Try the tips mentioned and keep your riding buddy as new as silver.

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