Digital Marketing: Does it Work for All Businesses? Factors to Consider!

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

The success of every business depends on its marketing. A well-developed and strategic marketing plan can make or break a company. Many companies cannot afford big budgets for marketing right from the start. Digital marketing, which opens a global marketplace of prospects and opportunities, appears to be the best option in such cases.

As the current market is greatly affected by digitalization, medium-sized and large corporations also integrate digital marketing into their marketing and sales models. Although it is considered a necessary element of marketing nowadays, we need to find out one thing. Does digital marketing work for all businesses? Let’s discuss ten factors to understand its potential for a new business.

What is your target audience?

Their frequency of using social media or other online services can determine the nature of customers. If you are an apparel brand, your online customers might be in the thousands and will closely watch your activities. If you are in a cement supplying business, your online presence will be very limited, making digital marketing quite ineffective.

Know your online customers well enough to make a digital marketing plan. You can learn about audience behaviors and analyze their needs by using tactics like customer segmentation and buyer personas.

What will a marketing strategy mean for your business?

Before agreeing to use the digital marketing strategy execution for your business, know what it means, how it can help your business, and what you will be doing with it. Define goals and objectives and be clear about what you want out of this.

Marketing is a constantly evolving field, so keeping up with the latest qualifications and skills is crucial. Professional degrees like Master of Business Administration in Marketing can help you understand the technical aspects of campaign designing and developing a marketing plan.

What are your goals?

At this point, your goals and objectives regarding your digital marketing plan and business must be clear. These tell you what you want to gain from the market, and if digital marketing can help you achieve your goals.

The nature of your goals checks the substantiality of your digital marketing strategy and its potential role in the success of your business.

Does the strategy align with your brand image?

Check two things when designing a digital marketing plan; first, if it aligns with your overall marketing plan, and second, if it lines up with your business model.

If your digital campaign is not following either of these, it is important to modify it or consider canceling it. On the other hand, if it is aligning with both things, analyzing the sales metrics can be easier, helping you understand whether the campaign is good for your business or not.

Do you have enough budget?

For an effective digital plan, a proper budget is crucial for successful planning and execution. Companies often make the mistake of getting their work done by inexperienced teams. If you’re low on budget and can’t afford experienced in-house professionals, consider outsourcing services to a business offering specialized services.

This will not only lower the overhead costs but also make strategy design a breeze.

Are you using the right tools?

Let’s assume that you have a big budget for the digital marketing campaign, and you have successfully initiated it. However, you are not getting the desired outcomes, and your business is facing adverse effects. There could be many possibilities, the use of incorrect tools being one of the most common.

Digital marketing is a broad term, and knowing the right tools can help you narrow your options down while still being able to achieve your desired results.

Is this your first campaign?

If you’re a new business or are launching a new product under an old brand, previous experience in digital marketing is crucial. It will help you identify past mistakes or point out strengths and their impact on your campaign.

You can set the SMART objectives, select the right tools, allot the right amount of budget, and make sensible decisions in case of challenging situations.

Are you flexible and ready to adapt?

Digital campaigns are all about using the correct marketing method at the right time and place. But sometimes you must come up with something new within days. This means there must be a margin for changes and upgrades in your digital marketing plan.

A Gartner survey reveals that brands can lose 38% of customers if they do not make personalization marketing efforts for better adaptability. If your business model doesn’t allow you to be flexible for every changing requirement and adapt where needed, you’ll be operating in a very limited scope, making your strategy ineffective.

Do you have the right success measure framework?

Measuring the results and KPIs of the digital campaign is the most important part, requiring the use of correct metrics and framework. It is a difficult process and requires skill and competence. Utilize efficient measurement tools that can access the relevant data. But if you cannot properly measure the outcomes of your campaign, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.

Can you deal with the current market share?

There is a lot of competition in the market, and many companies already hold a prominent market share. You need a strategy to cater to this along with a digital marketing plan. If your strategies are not well created or implemented or you are not spending enough, the existing and new competitors will easily eat up your market share.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things to consider when planning a digital marketing campaign for your business. While small business owners need the right tools, resources, and measurement metrics, they also need to know customer behaviors and market trends to successfully execute a marketing campaign. In the contemporary business environment, where everyone has access to digital tools, all businesses must develop strategic plans to make digital marketing strategies work without going over the budget or compromising on their brand image.


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