Fascinating Facts About Australia


Australia has a long and rich history and is renowned for its vibrant culture and areas of outstanding natural beauty. For Europeans, it can be a long journey to reach Australia’s sandy shores, with a flight from the UK taking just under 20 hours when flown direct. For some travellers, this immense distance can be off-putting, and flights tend to be expensive simply because of the thousands of miles that need to be travelled to get there. However, Australia is a country quite unlike any other and offers travellers a huge variety of attractions, both natural and man-made. In this article, three fascinating facts about Australia will be discussed in detail.

Australians Love to Gamble

Today, Australia is one of the world’s gambling capitals and is arguably a continent where gambling is more popular than any other place on earth. The history of gambling stretches back to early European settlers who arrived in Australia in the 18th century. Previously, the continent’s native population of Aboriginals had no forms of gambling whatsoever. With the arrival of western settlers, card games and betting became an increasingly popular and permanent addition to the continent. Some historians believe that this was because the living conditions were exceptionally hard for the initial settlers. Risk and reward played a key part in daily survival and, as such, gambling became a way to relax and unwind as it mirrored the conditions of life for many settlers. Today in Australia, there are a wealth of both brick-and-mortar casinos and online versions, such as those that can be found at  https://www.casinoroo.io/. If you are planning to visit Australia and enjoy the idea of gambling, you will find that the atmosphere in casinos is party-like and charged with excitement. Australians are a fun-loving nation and if you enjoy socializing, they are perfect companions to spend fun times with.

A Key Global Wine Producer

Another fascinating fact about Australia is the sheer scale of its wine production industry. Most adults who enjoy a glass or two of wine will have sampled Australian varieties and will know that it tends to be of exceptional quality. Incredibly, Australia produces over a trillion bottles of wine every year and has more than sixty separate regions where wine is grown. The sheer size of the continent and the favourable weather conditions help to make Australia one of the key global producers of wine. If you are planning a trip to Australia and are a wine fan, it makes sense to book a tour of a local vineyard with your tour operator. Put simply, seeing the scale of wine production in this continent can be truly awe-inspiring.

The World’s Largest Marine Ecosystem

The great barrier reef is one of Australia’s most outstanding areas of natural beauty and is the world’s largest marine ecosystem. It contains over three thousand individual reefs and contains a third of the soft corals found globally. In addition, it is so enormous that it is the only living organism that is visible from space. No trip to Australia would be complete without visiting this awe-inspiring area of natural beauty, and it is well worth investigating the possibility of snorkelling or scuba diving around selected areas of it to see the immense range of marine life and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

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