Healthy heart means a healthy man – how correct it is

Healthy heart
Healthy heart

A healthy heart is more than enough for the smooth functioning of overall metabolism. A lot of health problems that today trouble men find their roots in an unhealthy heart. Hence, if the heart is kept happy then all such disorders could be prevented.

How can one define a healthy man? Does that mean to able to run for a few hundred metres without any stop? Or does it means to not use pills Cenforce 100 mg and Cenforce 200 mg for sexual satisfaction? Does that mean to think like a computer because many people have dreamed of imitating James Bond? Or does a healthy man tend to have muscular six-pack abs because that is the current trend? Well, if you uncheck all the options then a healthy man is best defined by one having a healthy heart.

But in the medical community, there is a debate whether such emphasis on overall health being determined by a healthy heart is correct or not? This is because many people believe that the heart is just like any other organ and a combination of all organs makes up a healthy man. In this article, we shall present different narratives regarding the point and find whether the assumption of healthy means a healthy man is correct or not?

What does a heart do?

To understand whether a healthy heart defines a healthy man or not, it is important to understand the functions of a heart. This will know the extent to which the heart benefits the body and come to the conclusion. The functions of the heart are as follows:

Pumping blood into body parts

Without circulation of blood, nothing can happen in the body, not even a minor hand movement can occur if blood circulation is not within proper limits. For the normal functioning of each organ, a sufficient amount of blood is needed. When organs receive less blood than required, they perform with less efficiency and hence, the overall metabolism of the person is reduced. And as per the work of the man, the need for blood by different organs may increase or decrease.

But you cannot just pump any blood into body parts. The heart pumps oxygenated blood to all the body parts. You can say the heart is the blood bank that supplies blood to each organ as per need. When the need increased the heart pumps more blood and vice-versa. So, like our mother feeds us with milk, the heart feeds the body with blood.

Supplying hormones and other nutrients

The nutrients from the food we eat are used by the body in its development only when it reaches its destination. The absorbed nutrient is supplied to the different organs for their benefit by the heart. Along with pumping blood it also pumps essential nutrients and hormones secreted that are important in various biological processes. In fact, the nutrients will travel to other body parts through blood circulation, which is directly pumped by the heart.

It receives waste products from other body parts

The first function was to supply oxygenated blood to body parts. Here, after use when the blood is deoxygenated or mixed with impurities, it is sent by organs to the heart. Thus, the heart receives impure or deoxygenated blood from body parts. Besides blood, the heart also receives residual waste materials from other organs. The heart then transfers the deoxygenated blood to the lungs where it is oxygenated. And the oxygenated blood is again passed to the heart from where it pumps it to all the body parts and the cycle is repeated.

Keeps blood pressure in check

Through the pumping of blood in the body, the heart has a cent per cent control over the blood pressure in the body. If your blood pressure is above or below normal levels then it is very much likely that your heart is not fully healthy. For example, if the blood pumps more blood, the arteries carrying the blood will experience more pressure on their walls. This is known as high blood pressure which is mostly experienced when we do physically vigorous activity. At that time various organs, cells and tissues need more blood due to the intense nature of the activity. Hence, the blood has to pump more blood which increases the blood pressure.

Similarly, due to some reasons when the heart pumps less blood the arteries experience less force on its walls, which we call as low blood pressure. During low blood, pressure organs are deprived of blood and a person falls unconscious because of poor performance of organs.


When an organ can determine the overall efficiency of the body and mind to the extent that you may fall unconscious and all biological processes in the body can come to halt, then it can surely be considered an organ to determine the overall health of a man, just like the heart. The heart never stops for even a second during our entire lifespan, the day it stops for fraction of a second, we experience a heart attack and again pumping is resumed. But when the pumping stops permanently, we die. At that time no Vidalista 60 mg from Powpills will work.

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