How do Tennis Players Stay Active for so Long?

Tennis Players
Tennis Players

The longevity of sports athletes are often brought into doubt depending on the physicality and toll taken on their bodies throughout the years as an active competitor.

However, if there truly is one sport that embodies the true iron man mentality and drive of its respected athletes, tennis maybe the preferrable choice amongst fans given the long-lasting careers that most players enjoy whilst competing at the top level of their sporting profession.

Professional tennis players will often stay as active players for a large part of their younger lives and can often be among the sporting world’s longest tenured athletes out of any major professional sport.

Fans will always be familiar to the star names of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer due to their long-lasting impact that they have all brought to the sport, yet few people may be unaware of just how long these key figureheads have been dominating the global tennis scene.

While Djokovic (34) and Nadal (35) have both remained as arguably the two best names competing at professional tennis, Roger Federer is also a close contender despite turning the age of 40 years old in August last year.

Despite being of such veteran age in the views of most sporting fanatics and analysts, Federer is among the very best that the game has to offer and remains an ever-present asset in all online betting odds ahead of any major tennis tournament.

Tennis stars will always spend a huge proportion of their time on the court practicing or in the gym working themselves into their peak shape, whilst balancing everything alongside a healthy and mature dietary plan.

  • The impressive workout routine and diet of Roger Federer:

Federer is one of the sports most all-time decorated players with a total of 20 Grand Slam wins dating back to his 2003 winnings at Wimbledon, meaning that he has remained in the title picture for just shy of 20 years.

To maintain that level of domination and commitment to win a Grand Slam title, Federer has shed some details on what he complies to carry out on his daily routine for both his physical fitness and food intake.

The Swiss Maestro has been an active pro since 1998 and has since been taking more strides on keeping his body healthy, which includes a vegetarian diet plan consisting of homemade waffles and fresh fruit compote for breakfast, usually a cheese related meal surrounding lunchtime (as Federer is a huge fan of fondue) and evening meals focused on international cuisine such as Indian, Japanese or Italian food.


Federer is also often involved in core exercises which includes working with medicine balls with a workout partner in a drill solely based around improving his upper body.

Federer aims to always take part in balance related drills such as hitting volleys on a mini trampoline whilst bouncing on one leg and more raucous exercises, which includes a heavy focus on his cardio and maintaining his explosive power.

This workout routine is a challenging one for Federer to undertake on the consistent basis that he operates on, yet he is able to maintain his bodies physical stature and longevity as an active participant at the top level of professional tennis by maintaining this daunting workout schedule and keeping in tune with his intake from various meals and beverages.

  • Other methods used by professional tennis players to stay healthy:

Whilst maintain a healthy diet and an active workout regiment is often considered to be essential aspects of being a professional tennis player, there are other methods that star names will utilize to maintain their physical built as well as holster other parts of their game.

Yoga classes are usually considered to be a crucial part of most athletes day-to-day routines given the flexibility that it can provide for an individuals body in such a relaxed environment.

Such classes can often be a part of an athletes main workout, yet they are also considered to be classes taken on the side to help an athlete maintain their key physical qualities that often give them an edge in the profession that they partake in, with star athletes such as LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham all being amongst the most famous names who constantly perform in yoga related workouts.

Tennis players also remain active by constantly taking to the court and performing different drills with a workout coach/partner which can include a variety of energetic methods relating to the sport of tennis that could be applied during a live game.

Tennis athletes are usually considered to uptake a much longer span of remaining active as professionals due to the sport not often being considered to be as daunting or physical as other major sports in comparison to football, soccer or combat sports, yet all major athletes maintain a strict diet that they utilize to the maximum in the means of remaining a top contender for years to come.

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