How to build a DIY Electric Skateboard?

DIY Electric Skateboard
DIY Electric Skateboard

Want to get around town as quickly as possible? Want to impress your friends? Or just like skateboarding? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider building your own electric skateboard! While this process can be daunting for those without a background in electrical engineering, with the right tools and enough persistence, you can pull it off! And when it’s done, you’ll have an entirely new type of transportation at your footsteps! Here’s how to build an electric skateboard from scratch!

Gear List

You’ll need some specific parts and tools to complete your DIY skateboard. The following is everything that will be used to build your own electric skateboard.

  • Deck

You can use an old skateboard deck or buy one new from an online retailer like Amazon or even your local skate shop. The newer and smoother top surfaces will give you more control over your board and make it easier to ride. Choose a board with 31 inches wheelbase between the trucks.

  • Motors

Buy two DC gear motors that are essential. Motors can be bought from different sources, but they all work on similar principles. The motors you choose will determine how much power your skateboard can handle and what kind of performance you get out of it. You can use 6354 190kv battle-hardened brush-less motors.

  • Battery

Choose two deep cycle 12 volt batteries for your skateboard. The number of amp hours (Ah) is an indication of how long it takes for your battery to drain down and lose power, look for higher Ah numbers if you’re planning on using more power-hungry devices like lights or speakers on your board. Choose batteries with higher C-rates, C-rate refers to how fast a battery can deliver energy while discharging, measured in amps per hour (Ah).

  • Wheels

Buy four 70 mm inline skate wheels that are durable and have hard inner rims to give you more control over your board. The softness of an inner rim is referred to as its property, harder inner rims make it easier for you to perform tricks and maintain your stability on your board.

Getting Started

1. Take all of your supplies and create a mock-up of your design on paper before cutting any wood, find inspiration online if you want some ideas about what type of board might work best for your needs!

2. Once you’ve come up with your design and you’re happy with it, grab your supplies and get ready to start building!

3. Add the Motor mounts on rear and front part of deck and install the drive pulley on motor.

4. Insert the wheel bearings into the wheels and install carefully below deck.

5. Build up the enclosure and place all the electronics inside it.

6. Install the battery and test fit the battery.

7. Add the power switch and install charger port as well.

8. Have a trial run of your electric skateboard for the first time.

How does it Work?

The platform is made up of three basic parts including wheels, motor, and battery. Together, these parts serve as an electric skateboard that can help you get from point A to point B with ease. If you have questions about how it works or would like more details about its operation, make sure to check out an online source for more information! When building your own skateboard at home, it’s important to pay attention to two things, safety and functionality. When following specific guidelines regarding distance between wheels and even voltage requirements, users will be able to stay safe while using their device.

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