In the Know: Best Countries to Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Getting the chance to study abroad can be an experience of a lifetime. If you can learn in a foreign country, learn a new culture, live like a local, and travel. If you want to learn a foreign language, the best way to do that is to study abroad. Here are some of the best countries to study abroad. 

Costa Rica 

If you are a student hoping to learn the Spanish language, Costa Rica may be your best choice. The country has lush vegetation, fascinating wildlife, and a tropical climate that is tempting to both students and tourists. In Costa Rica, there’s an offer to study Spanish languages and an opportunity to also learn about the environment concerning its conservation sustainability and biology, and luckily there is the option to buy homework online to devote yourself to learning a new country and language.

The country also has various attractions for people who are addicted to adrenaline-filled activity. You can zip line or snorkel, go scuba diving or rafting, and also explore the tropical rainforests and volcanoes. 


Thailand is a beautiful country with a rich culture and some of the best cuisines, making it land in the world tourism organization list of the best countries for tourism. As a college student, you’d want to consider Thailand to get that foreign experience in the field of education. 

The country’s location is in South East Asia, and it offers a lot of programs in wildlife conservation, public health, sustainable development, and veterinary science. Most Americans confirm these programs in English, or you may choose to go with the Thai language. 


If you’re looking for a country that won’t hurt your pockets, then Germany could be your best choice. Most universities in Germany are affordable, especially in tuition fees. Most of their institutions also ranked very highly. 

The cost of living in Germany is not that cheap compared to Eastern Europe, but several of its major cities offer affordable living costs. You can either choose Berlin or Dresden as they are considered relatively less expensive, and students can also experience the country’s culture. 

The United Kingdom 

The UK is by far the most popular destination for studying abroad amongst American students. The United Kingdom has the most ranked at the top universities like Oxford and Cambridge in England and the University of Saint Andrews situated in Scotland. If you want to get that world-class education, then look no further than the UK. 

South Africa 

Over three decades ago, most Americans didn’t see South Africa as a go-to place studying abroad. The country was back then filled with demonstrations to eradicate apartheid. Today, South Africa has gained stability and probably is among the most popular African countries for students from America. 

Get programs in various subjects like business and conservation. Due to its political history, the country also offers students a unique perspective on social change and human rights. 


It does not seem like an obvious choice to study abroad because most Americans have never learned the Norwegian language. The country has an immense advantage over several since close to all public universities offer free tuition without any discrepancies of where you are from. 

However, you should understand that Norway’s living cost is relatively higher than in other European countries, but free education capitalizes on that. The nation has amazing breathtaking landscapes that no one can find anywhere in the world. 


Several students that study abroad in Hungary usually go to school in a city called Budapest. Some universities over-the-air programming language, and their tuition fee are relatively cheaper than most United States universities. International students can access programs based on medicine, business, or veterinary science. Learning the Hungarian language is tough, but most people who stay in the capital city are English speakers. The country also has a relatively low cost of living, making it a central place to explore Europe. 


With just over 8.5 million, Switzerland is a small country and home to some of the best-ranked universities globally, including the University of Zurich and Basel, Ecole Polytechnique Federale, and ETH Zurich. The government also boasts natural landscapes that are not only appealing to the eye but also breathtaking. Therefore, students can go hiking in the mountains or skiing on the ice in the Alps in their free time. The disadvantage is that Switzerland is among the most expensive places in the whole universe. With that, you need to have a significant budget before venturing on that journey. 

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