Is induction Cooking Cheaper than Gas?


There are many questions that people have when they want to choose a new cooker. Should you go for gas cookers, or are induction cooking products more efficient and they convey a better value? It’s always important to know what results you can expect and what benefits arise, because that’s the thing to take into consideration and it will affect the total costs in the long run.

Yes, you want to see the long term costs as well, not just the purchase costs. Because sometimes you will end up paying more on the fuel itself and you can save money if there’s no specific fuel involved, like gas for example.

Saving money on energy

According to, one of the popular induction cooktop sellers in Sri Lanka, if you go with induction cooking, you will save quite a lot of money on energy. The reason is simple, a gas stove or electric stove has burners underneath. Instead, the induction cooking products have an electromagnetic system that helps cook directly, via passing radiant energy to the food.

Since the process doesn’t involve using any fuel, it makes everything quicker and easier to manage, certainly more efficient, and the value as a whole is great because of that.

In fact, induction is known to convert around 80% of the electromagnetic energy to the food. Whereas regular cooking methods just deliver 40% of the energy to the food. That’s why you need to take all these things into consideration, and you will soon notice the benefits and results.

It’s always a great idea to keep in mind, because the benefits are great and impressive, and the outcome is among some of the best every time. Which is why going for induction cooking is the ideal thing to do, and you will be much happier with the results.

A better temperature range

With the induction cooking you can choose the temperature you want to cook at. These cooktops also tend to reach higher temperatures a lot faster. Gas stoves will take a while until they reach the desired temperature, so the overall cooking process is way slower.

Which is definitely something you need to keep in mind, but the results and experience as a whole are impressive and that’s the thing you want to pursue with something like this.

Safety is very important

Cooking with gas is dangerous. Sure, if you do it right, you are safer, but if you leave the cooktop with an open flame, you can end up with gas intoxication or anything like that. Which is why you want to go with induction cooking, since it’s known to be the safer option.

For starters, the cooktop doesn’t get hotter at all, which is definitely a thing to pursue as much as possible. Not having a hot cooktop is important, and you do need to think about all the pros and cons here. With that being said, this is a great reason why you want to avoid rushing and using a gas cooktop.

The induction cooking is a much better and safer process, and in the end that’s certainly a great thing that you want to focus on as much as you can. It’s certainly a good idea to test it out and give it a try, and it can be well worth it all the time with something like this.

Should you switch to induction cooking?

Yes, if you are serious about safety, cooking faster and also saving money, then this is definitely worth it. The thing to note is that it will cost you a bit more money at first, but if you know how to manage it appropriately, nothing will stand in your way.

We always encourage anyone that wants a great cooktop to go with the newer technologies, because they are safer and also help you save money in the long run. They also protect the environment too, which is very helpful and convenient.


As you can see, induction cooking is cheaper than gas, even if the initial investment will cost you more. But at the end of the day, it’s the results that matter and you will be very happy with the way everything works.

Yes, it does take some trial and error to narrow down what you like the most, yet what really matters is the quality you get for the money. As we mentioned earlier, safety features are also crucial, and induction cooking is known to be the safer option too. That’s why it’s ideal to go with it and truly focus on getting the best results, and in the end the benefits can be really good!

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