How Do 21st-Century Couponers Use QR Codes to Redeem Electronic Vouchers?

QR Codes
QR Codes

Finding the best bargains with coupons has shifted from print to electronic. With QR codes facilitating the electronic voucher industry, a more significant shift in obtaining great special discounts is possible.

And as couponers only need to scan one when redeeming the discounts they can get from a specific product or service, companies and brands are turning into using an advanced QR code generator online to transform their discounting information into a QR code. 

With digitalization taking place today, redeeming various electronic vouchers becomes easier for beginning and extreme couponers. 

According to Statista, a business data platform, a couponing survey records 145.3 million American adult users redeeming digital vouchers in 2021. And with that number of American consumers redeeming digital coupons today, 21st-century consumers see the digital way as a better way to save money on the products they want to buy.

As couponers enjoy the digital method of redeeming discounts from their favorite product or retail companies, mobile redeeming is the best way to do so.

How do you make a QR code for a coupon?

Here are six simple steps to generating a coupon QR code that businesses can use to distribute digital discount coupons to their avid couponing customers.

1. Access a QR code generator with logo website and sign-up for an account.

The first step in creating a coupon QR code is to open an online QR code generator with logo website. Businesses can use a dependable and credentialed QR code maker to make their QR code-generated digital coupons.

A reliable QR code generator revolutionizes the process of creating interactive QR codes for your campaigns and hosting your digital coupons.

2. Fill in the required fields after selecting the QR code classification of your digital voucher.

With the various types of digital vouchers available today, converting them into a QR code is dependent on their functions. If you intend to embed a coupon URL into a QR code, a URL QR code is suggested. But for a more dynamic discount redemption experience, the use of the Multi-URL category is recommended for a more stable and equitable exceptional offer dispersion.

3. Make your QR code as a dynamic one.

After completing the required fields, you can generate your coupon QR code. Generate your QR code in a dynamic state for a quantifiable discount redemption experience. As a result, you can reap more commercial benefits from it.

4. Configure the QR code layout

After the QR code has been generated, you can configure it by choosing a group of styles, eye shapes, and color schemes that correspond to your voucher setup.

5. Perform a scan test

Run a scan test after you’ve customized your QR code. This allows the user to monitor and correct any scanning difficulties before deploying.

6. Simply download and deploy your QR code.

Download your QR code in vector format, such as SVG, to avoid blurry or hazy output, and use it in your pamphlets, ad pages, and voucher webpage.

How Can Couponers Use QR Codes to Redeem Electronic Vouchers?

As QR codes in bargain hunting become more common in the technically inclined shoppers society, here are two notable methods for couponers to quickly redeem their digital coupons with QR codes.

1. Scanning and redeeming

One method couponers have used to redeem their gift vouchers conveniently is to scan and save prompt. Because people can enable most special offer data simply by scanning them, this command is one of the most desired steps in redeeming digital coupons with QR codes. 

They can integrate the QR code expiry feature of a dynamic discount QR code for limited-time offers to run this enticing couponer offer.

2. Scanning and downloading

Another way for couponers to redeem their discount codes via QR code is to scan and save the coupon for later use. Because some couponers tend to favor keeping their coupons for later redemption, embedding a coupon QR code that couponers can download after scanning is ideal. Couponers can save the coupons for their next shopping trip using the scan and download command.


With innovation altering the methods of couponing presently, electronic bargain hunting has emerged as the 21st-century shopper’s preferred method of obtaining discounts on their preferred goods and services. Thanks to QR codes that aid in faster coupon redemption, companies can deliver better shopping giveaways right through their camera lenses.


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