Is Online Bingo Truly Random?

Online Bingo
Online Bingo

Are you wondering if online bingo sites actually run random games? Well, most jurisdictions around the globe require that bingo and other online casino games be randomly generated. This essentially makes sure that the games aren’t tampered with in order to gain extra revenue; in turn, ensuring fairness for all of the players.

This article will help you understand how randomisation works, how it coincides with fairness and whether or not online bingo is truly randomised.

Remember you need to be 18+ to gamble within the UK and please feel free to visit for more information on how to gamble safely.

How Does Online Bingo Pick Numbers?

In a classic brick-and-mortar bingo hall, a person will usually call out a letter and a number. If a player gets the corresponding call, they will cross it out on their bingo card. However, online bingo sites utilise random number generators to make sure that the calls are entirely random.

UK online bingo sites should all have a license issued by the Gambling Commission. This allows the commission to regularly test the random number generator; so, if they have a valid license, you can have peace of mind that the calls are fair for all players.

Random number generators are made to create numbers that don’t follow any form or pattern. This makes RNG results unpredictable so that there is much less opportunity for foul play.

So now you know that online bingo is usually random, and it is done through RNG generators!

What are the Requirements for Random Results?

In order for an online bingo site to fit the requirements for random results, the RNG generator must be ‘acceptably’ random. This means that it is entirely possible to show, to a high degree of confidence, that the RNG’s output is random through statistical analysis.

Online bingo is a game that needs to deliver unpredictable outputs; it technically shouldn’t reproduce the same number a second time. Another way of visualising this is if you were to use two RNGs simultaneously, they should both show completely different results.

So, we said earlier that an online bingo site should have a license from the Gambling Commission. All UK gambling operators need to conform to certain conditions to ensure that games are fairly played and player privacy is protected.

Brick-and-mortar bingo uses a physical bingo machine to deliver random results on a fundamental level, whereas online bingo has to utilise an RNG algorithm to make sure that every single result is entirely random and doesn’t follow a pattern or cycle.

Online Bingo Should be Randomised.

To conclude, you should now understand more about the randomisation of online bingo calls. It is evident that RNGs play a massive part in the legitimacy of the online bingo industry; it is also clear that the industry is highly monitored, and ultimately it should be! So if you’re a bingo player, keep your wits about yourself and check for valid licenses before you play.

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