Learn All about the Success Story of Preeminent Influencer and Content Creator Nikita Karizma

The British-Indian designer Nikita Karizma comes from a family who works in the fashion industry, especially in retail. Nikita was inspired by her parents and grandparents, who work as fashion buyers in a three-generation Indian family company. She spent most of her childhood in India with her parents on business trips. Nikita established a sense of color, style, and stylistic aesthetics via collaboration with Indian manufacturers and suppliers.

Nikita established her designer company with a £2000 order from Little Mix after gaining popularity for the products she introduced in her graduation collection. Famous influencers and celebrities in London began placing bespoke orders with the young designer for specific events incorporating pop culture, and the designer brand began to develop recognition and reputation. Specially requested pieces and, finally, the namesake ready-to-wear brand grew in popularity.

Her late mother designed and dressed a number of Bollywood stars for visits in London, including the internationally regarded Miss World Aishwarya Rai. She acquired a gift for making people feel attractive and confident throughout their most memorable moments as a consequence of her mother’s assistance.

When she was a teenager, Nikita dressed the Sugababes for a magazine cover and Miss America for an editorial. Nikita started her career in the media at the age of 16, interviewing celebrities and influencers at events and on the red carpet in London. This fueled her desire to give the world a voice and light via ordinary rituals, beliefs, and lessons gleaned from her upbringing and experiences.

At the time, who knew this fashion enthusiast teenage girl would grow up to dress the same big stars she was interviewing on the red carpet? Nikita hasn’t only dressed celebrities; she has created a huge fan base among both Hollywood and Bollywood stars who occasionally approach her to shine their day with her creatively-crafted and aesthetic dresses.

Nikita’s products are celebrity tested, follow a zero-waste policy, and focus on the clients rather than the product itself with the ‘Expressed by You’ tagline. The multi-talented designer always updates healthy materials, safe textures, and lifestyle items in her positive messaging, fashion, and lifestyle businesses. Her brand also shares the motto of ‘Style Infused with Self Care’ through her collections. Nikita loves to share her Self-Care Club picks, sustainable style, morning routines, vegan textile materials, cheerful Instagram filters, and lovely special-occasion looks.

Nikita is now involved in every step of the design and development process, as well as working with important stylistic influencers. She runs the company from her London design studio, where she collaborates with her team on the design, development, and production of her fashion line, skincare, and lifestyle products. Her sister, who shares the family’s business enthusiasm, is currently developing Virtue Code, a wellness brand with Nikita. The brand is based on historic traditions and Mother Earth’s natural healing qualities.

Enveloping a deep love for the planet and worried sick about the ramifications of climate change, Nikita is also undertaking a plantation drive with the collaboration with Love Peace Harmony Foundation. She has pledged to plant 1M trees. So far, 20% of the target has been achieved.

Karizma encourages everyone to open this filter in their phones and upload pictures with it on Instagram. “For each post, one tree will be planted. Let’s paint our planet green and make it worth living, again!” urges Nikita.

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