Relationship Between Your Lifestyle and Health

Lifestyle and Health
Lifestyle and Health

The way people adopt lifestyles are always determined by the geographical, economic, cultural and their religion. Lifestyle in some situations and occasions refers to the characteristics of the people. It involves day-to-day conduct of people at work and home.

In the last few decades, researchers are more interested in life style as a significant health factor. 60% of all associated health and quality of life factors, according to the WHO, are associated to the lifestyle (1). Millions of people are working in the unhygienic lifestyle. They are therefore suffering from disease, disability and even death. Probability of unhealthy lifestyle can cause problems such as metabolism disorders, joint and skeletal problems, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, overweight, violence, etc. It is important to consider the relationship between lifestyle and health.

Today, the lives of all people have changed tremendously. The presentations of unhealthy lifestyle, which dominate lifestyles, are malnutrition, unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, tension, and so on. Moreover, people’s lives face new challenges. For example, emerging developments in IT, such as the internet and interactive communication networks, throw our environment into a major challenge that puts individuals’ physical and psychological well being at risk. The problem is technology overuse and misuse.

According to the current research, behaviors have a profound impact on human physical and mental health. These influences occur in various ways. Consanguinity of some ethnicity contributes to genetic defects and is a dominant mode of life. The reformation of this unhealthy lifestyle prevents the incidence of genetic diseases from declining (2). The overuse of medicines is a big disruptive lifestyle in some countries. Iran is one of 20 most pharmaceutical countries.

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You prefer drugs over another treatment. In addition, they use drugs without prescription in 15 to 40 % of cases (3). The most common uses in Iran are pain relievers, eye drops and antibiotics. Although the effect on the immune system of self-medications, such as antibiotics, is negative, antibiotics are not successful in treatment if a person is infected. Overall, 10% of self-medicated people have serious problems including opioid resistance. Drug allergy is often so severe that it can lead to death (4).

Finally, lifestyle variables that affect health can be listed in some items:

Diet and Body Mass Index (BMI)

Diet has a direct and optimistic association with health and is the greatest lifestyle factor. The common health concern in urban communities is poor diet and its effects like obesity. BMI will measure unhealthy lifestyles. Urban lifestyle leads to problems in nutrition such as fast food and food, and problems such as cardiovascular problems are increasing (5).


The workout is used in life style for the treatment of general health issues (6). During exercise along with a balanced diet, the fitness improves. Some studies emphasize the relationship between active life and happiness (7, 8). When we can’t afford the time or money to go to a gym we can use these tips for building a home gym to gather the most important equipment and learn how to exercise at home.


Sleep is one of the principles of healthy living. Can not sleep except life. Sleep. The social , psychological , economic and health effects of sleep disruptions are various. Sleep may be affected by lifestyle and mental and physical health are clearly affected by sleep (9).

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Sexual behavior

In healthy living, normal intercourse is important. Sexual relationship instability in most cultures is the issue and has important implications for mental and physical wellbeing. Dysfunctional sex can lead to different problems or sex-related diseases such as AIDS.

Substance abuse

Tendency is regarded as an unhealthy way of life. Tobacco use and use of other drugs can lead to different problems: asthma, cardiovascular disease , cancer, brain lesions. In Iran, 43 % of women and 64% of men have experienced the use of hubble-bubble (10), according to resentful studies. A longitudinal study has shown that 30% of 18-65 year-olds permanently smoke cigarettes (11).

Medication abuse

It is a common type of drug use in Iran and is viewed as an unhealthy style of life. Disorderly medicines are as follows: self-care, exchanging medicines, administering too many medicines, prescriptions of the greater number of medicinal products, insufficient prescription medicinal care, disregard for conflicting medicinal products, disregard for adverse medication reactions, and not caring for the effects of medicine.

Application of modern technologies

Advanced technology helps people’s lives. Technological abuse may have disagreeable implications. For example, computer and other devices may affect the pattern of sleep until midnight and can interfere with sleep. Mobile telephone addiction is linked to symptoms of depression.


Leisure time is a part of the way of life. Failure to do so will have a negative effect. People risk their well being by unorganized preparation and unhealthy leisure.


Study is the soul work. Studies can contribute to greater physical and mental health as a factor in lifestyle. For instance, a low educated person is the prevalence of dementia, such as the Alzheimer’s. Study could slow the dementia process.

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